Top Wedding Venues in Philadelphia

In this captivating video, Ralph will walk you through each venue’s unique charm and allure, whether it’s the historic grandeur of iconic ballrooms, the romantic ambiance of garden settings, or the modern sophistication of contemporary event spaces. By sharing his personal favorites, he offers couples an insider’s perspective on the ideal backdrop for their wedding day.

Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Ralph Deal from Ralph Deal Photography. Here in the Philadelphia area we are blessed with an abundance of amazing venues for your wedding. However, it can be a little overwhelming trying to figure out which one best suits your needs and budget. In this video, we’re going to talk about my 12 favorite wedding venues, and what each of them excels at, in my opinion.

Okay, let’s get started. 

Okay, these venues are in no particular order, and in my opinion have these things in common. A great staff that provides awesome customer service, scenic locations for photos that are either on the property or within walking distance of the property. And finally, they inspire my creativity. 

So at number one, we have the Crystal Tea Room. I love it here. The location being just minutes away from city hall and several hotels is a big plus for any couple. The ballroom is huge and allows plenty of space for your guests. 

At number two, we have The Arts Ballroom Are you looking for an elegant sophisticated ballroom right in the heart of Center City than this is the perfect venue for you. There’s a modern yet classic vibe happening inside the arts ballroom that produces an elegant view and style. 

At number three, we have Tendenza. The intimate modern look of Tin denza is perfect for couples looking for a chic New York vibe for their reception. And the room is super versatile. I’ve seen it set up many different ways so be sure to talk to the staff about setting the room up for your desired look. 

At number four, we have Union Trust, the architecture and vibe of union trust will absolutely captivate you. I love working at this venue and my clients who have their reception here are raving fans, they always love their experience here.

 At number five we have the Glen Foerd Mansion. The grounds around the mansion are simply breathtaking and offer a ton of opportunities for gorgeous, gorgeous images. 

 At number six, we have the Ballroom at the Ben. I always enjoy making pictures here. Especially because the view from the mezzanine to the dance floor is something you just don’t get at other venues.

 At number seven we have The Downtown Club. Each room in this venue by Cescaphe has its own character and at the end of the day, you’ll be left with a variety of styles in your unique wedding album.

 At number eight we have Water Works if you have your reception here make sure to use the waterworks grounds for all of your photos. You’ll save yourself a ton of time, money and potential stress. The art museum and boathouse row are also at your disposal here, super close to the grounds within walking distance.

 At number nine we have the Morris Arboretum. There are 92 acres of lush romantic gardens and bubbling fountains here. This venue will literally make you feel like the main characters in a princess movie. It’s really amazing here. And where else can you find a tree house for your cocktail hour. It’s awesome. It’s so so cool.

At number 11 We have One North Broad. If architecture is important to you, I can’t imagine a better venue for your wedding and reception in the city of Philadelphia. The Masonic Temple, which is home to one North Broad is just absolutely breathtaking.

And finally at number 12, we have Cairnwood Estate. The mansion and gardens are so elegant and picturesque just absolutely beautiful. This is another venue that you can just take all of your photos here no reason to go anywhere else. 

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