5 Things To Consider Before Hiring Your Wedding Day Makeup Artist

Ralph engages in an engaging conversation with a makeup artist who specializes in weddings. Together, they explore the five pivotal factors that every bride should carefully consider before selecting their makeup artist. From understanding their unique style and preferences to ensuring compatibility and discussing potential trials, this expert sheds light on the often-overlooked aspects of achieving the perfect bridal look.

This video is perfect for brides-to-be who want to embark on their journey towards a flawless and radiant appearance, ensuring that they look and feel their absolute best when they say “I do.”

Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Ralph Deal from Ralph Deal Photography. In this video, we’re going to cover a subject that’s super important to me as a photographer as well as every bride. We’re going to discuss five things to consider when choosing the makeup artist for your wedding day, I interviewed an expert in the field. Let’s check out what she had to say. 

What kind of look and feel are you going for? 

First and foremost, you want to search and select a makeup artist whose style and taste will best complement your desired look feel and vibe for your ideal wedding day look. If you’re someone who never wears makeup and wants to go for the natural look that’s totally awesome and doable. However, it’s important to find a makeup artist who specializes in natural beauty looks as opposed to hiring someone who prefers to glam up their clients or vice versa. 

Make sure you have a contract.

A great bridal makeup artist should also be incredibly professional and provide a contract for services for the date of the wedding. If you’re not receiving a contractual agreement binding you to that specific makeup artist or team for services the day of your wedding, you need to be very careful and cautious.

Even though paperwork can feel like one more thing you have to add on to your play while planning your special day. It’s truly for your own protection and peace of mind that will demonstrate the legitimacy of the vendor and their word. 

You are new to this your stylist shouldn’t be a great bridal makeup artist is also someone who’s going to guide and direct you. You’re new to this experience and it’s more than likely your first time planning a wedding, but it shouldn’t be there.

First, you want to be sure that your makeup artist is able to articulate what they’ll need to ensure a smooth, seamless experience for you and your bridal party. You’re also going to want to look for someone who is well versed and experienced with bridal makeup and weddings. makeup artists, like photographers break down into many categories including bridal beauty, editorial, and affects makeup. 

A great bridal makeup artist is more than likely someone who’s doing weddings most weekends of the year in his focused on bridal wear. Look for real work when viewing portfolios. While social media is a great tool for inspiration and shopping artists. You want to approach Instagram feeds with open eyes.

Look for bridal makeup artists who post everything from unedited unfiltered pictures and video to professional pictures and video of their work. Social media is the force behind the spike in interest within the makeup industry. And while that’s great, there are far too many overly edited pictures circulating the internet and this can lead to unrealistic expectations.

That girl who looks like she’s barely wearing makeup more than likely has a full face of makeup in order to achieve that look. And the picture of that bride with the perfectly smooth skin is mostly due to Photoshop or retouching. Be realistic in your expectations and look for a makeup artists who’s willing to show real work too. 

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