5 Important Things To Know Before You Shop For Your Wedding Dress

Embark on the enchanting quest to find the perfect wedding dress with our expert guidance! In this video, we’re unveiling 5 essential tips that will elevate your bridal shopping experience to new heights. From decoding styles that match your vision to savvy budgeting advice, we’ve curated a roadmap to ensure every step toward saying ‘I do’ is filled with joy and confidence. Join us on this exciting journey as we share invaluable insights to make your wedding dress dreams a reality.

Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Ralph deal from Ralph Deal Photography. Shopping for a wedding dress is something that every bride has been dreaming about since they were a little girl. But there’s a lot to know in order to save yourself time and aggravation during the process. In this video, we’re going to discuss the five most important things to consider before you go shopping for your wedding dress. I interviewed a 25 year veteran of the bridal industry and she provided some really valuable insight.

Let’s check it out.

Number one, weddings vary greatly and soak in your approach to being a bride. Whether it be a long dress or short dress, fingertip veil or cathedral veil, pick out a dress that flatters your body and complements your personality. What season is your wedding, the fabric you choose for your dress is a big deal. It wouldn’t be ideal to wear a thin silk dress in the middle of winter or a heavy fabric for your beach wedding in July. As your wedding outdoor, indoor or both in a garden or hotel ballroom. Your venue reveals many aspects about your style. So if you’re unsure about what kind of dress you’d like, choose one that complements the venue. 

Number two, believe in your intuition. have the confidence to know what’s best for you. Keep your entourage to a minimum. Too many cooks in the kitchen will cause a lot of confusion and make you feel overwhelmed. They are not wearing the dress you are.

Number three, be flexible. It’s natural to be on Pinterest and scouring the internet looking at dresses but you want to trust the professionals to help guide you to the right look for you. Clearly a lot of brides have trouble deciding what they truly want or what dress will suit their style best which makes sense. Brides are professionals and other businesses, not the bridal business. So listen to your consultant and trust them. They want you to look and feel amazing just as much as you do. 

Number four, the silhouettes. There are six wedding gown silhouettes, the A line, mermaid trumpet, ballgown, Empire line, and the sheath. Each silhouette has a unique shape just like every woman’s body. So take time to learn the different silhouettes that will flatter your particular body style.

And number five, when you find it, you’ll know it immediately. I think this ties into listen to yourself and basically says it all. You will know the moment when it happens and you should absolutely trust yourself. You’ll look at yourself in the mirror and you’ll know that the journey has finally ended. It may be the first dress you try it on or the 20th but you’ll know it when it happens.

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