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A lot of couples these days are looking for more unique and interesting locations to have their engagement photos taken, and a beach setting like the Jersey shore towns can be absolutely perfect. Here are just a few of the reasons why:

The scenery is unbeatable: Whether you’re looking for a romantic sunset on the water or dramatic cliffs overlooking the ocean, the Jersey shore has it all.

There’s a lot of variety: Not every beach is created equal, and each one has its own unique character. From the bustling boardwalks of Asbury Park to the quaint fishing villages of Cape May, there’s sure to be a beach that’s perfect for you.

You can make it a mini-vacation: What’s better than getting your engagement photos taken in a beautiful location while also getting to relax and enjoy a little vacation? If you choose the right photographer, they’ll be able to help you plan out the perfect day.

If you’re looking for a unique and scenic location for your engagement photos, be sure to consider the Jersey shore towns.

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