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There is so much to do and see in New York that provides a beautiful backdrop for e-session photos. Here are the popular locations where I shoot for e-sessions in New York:

1. Central Park

If you're looking for a beautiful backdrop for your engagement photos, look no further than Central Park in New York City! This iconic park is one of the most popular locations for engagement sessions, and it's easy to see why. With its lush green lawns, towering trees, and stunning architecture, Central Park provides the perfect setting for any couple. Plus, there are so many different areas to explore in the park, you'll be sure to find a spot that suits your style.

There are a few things to keep in mind when planning your engagement session at Central Park. First, the park can be quite crowded, so it's important to choose a time and day when there will be less people around. Early morning or evening sessions are typically the best for this. Second, because there are so many different areas in the park, it's a good idea to do a little research beforehand and pick out the spots that you want to visit. And lastly, don't forget to bring your walking shoes. Central Park is huge, so you'll definitely want to comfortable shoes for exploring all the different areas.

With its stunning scenery and endless photo opportunities, Central Park is the perfect place to capture your love story!

2. Brooklyn

When it comes to engagement sessions, Brooklyn is one of the most ideal places in New York City. The borough has a little bit of everything—from urban locations with interesting architecture to more natural settings like parks and gardens. And of course, there are always the iconic NYC landmarks like the Brooklyn Bridge and Coney Island. Here are just a few of the reasons why Brooklyn makes such a great place for engagement photos:

  • The Variety of Locations

As mentioned, one of the best things about Brooklyn is the variety of locations it has to offer. If you want an urban setting, you can head to Downtown Brooklyn or Dumbo. For a more natural setting, check out Prospect Park or the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. And of course, there are always the classic spots like the Brooklyn Bridge and Coney Island. No matter what type of engagement session you're envisioning, Brooklyn has a spot that will fit the bill.

  • The Beautiful Scenery

Brooklyn is also home to some of the most beautiful scenery in all of New York City. From the stunning views of the Manhattan skyline to the quaint streets of Brooklyn Heights, there's no shortage of pretty places to take engagement photos. And with so many parks and gardens throughout the borough, you're sure to find a spot with lovely blooms and greenery no matter what time of year it is.

  • The Friendly Vibe

Brooklyn has a reputation for being one of the friendliest boroughs in NYC, and that extends to engagement sessions as well. While getting your photos taken in a busy place like Times Square can be a bit overwhelming, Brooklyn is much more laid-back. This makes it a great place to relax and have fun with your fiancé while getting some gorgeous photos at the same time.

So if you're looking for an engagement session location that has it all—beautiful scenery, interesting locations, and a friendly vibe—Brooklyn is the perfect choice.

3. Manhattan

New York City is a popular destination for engagement sessions because of its diversity and endless photo opportunities. Manhattan, in particular, is an ideal location for couples who want to capture the energy and excitement of the city. Here are some of the reasons why:

The skyline: Whether you're shooting during the day or at night, the Manhattan skyline is always a stunning backdrop.

The architecture: From grandiose skyscrapers to quaint brownstones, the architecture in Manhattan is incredibly photogenic.

The people: There's no shortage of interesting characters in Manhattan, which can make for some great candid shots.

So if you're looking for an engagement session that's full of life and energy, Manhattan is the perfect place. You won't be disappointed!

Photos in New York

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