Getting Ready -Details -Daddy/Daughter First Look

We'll start your wedding day story by capturing all the moments while you both are getting ready. We'll photograph your rings, dress and other important details along with all the emotional moments that happen during this part of your day.

Groom's First Look

If you decide to see your fiance before the ceremony, we'll capture those amazing moments unobtrusively. We'll keep our distance and allow the two of you to enjoy the moment without getting too close and interfering.

Bride/Groom Individual Portraits

Solo images of both the Bride and Groom are an important part of our time with the two of you. And don't worry if your awkward in front of the camera, most couples are! We'll give you as much direction as you need. If you're a natural, we'll sit back and document. If you need help, we'll get as involved with directing you as required.

Bridal Party

We'll discuss if you'd like individual portraits of the Bride/Groom with each Bridesmaid and Groomsman. After that, we'll set up the girls and guys for their group shots and then finish with the entire Bridal Party together. We can have fun with it and keep things loose or take some time and set everyone up like we're shooting images for Vogue..whatever you'd like!


The most important thing to me regarding family portraits is that there's a connection between everyone. That could be holding a hand, an arm around the person next to you etc. I want the relationship between your family to come out in the images and not just an image of what everyone looks like. Let's show some love!


We've photographed religious ceremonies of many different cultures and understand the nuances that each have. During our pre-wedding questionnaire/timeline call, we'll go over any specific traditions that may occur during your ceremony.

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