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Wedding dresses|Five things to consider

I didn't have to search far for answers to what my brides should be considering when searching for their wedding dresses. With over 25 years in the wedding industry, Cyndi Deal of Bridals by Cyndi in Turnersville, NJ was an easy choice to talk to.

P.S. That last name is no coincidence, she's my sister and she knows what she's talking about!

As a photographer who specializes in weddings, I felt like I knew a bit about wedding dresses. But I discovered that I really know very little after talking with Cyndi for a while! There's a lot for a newly engaged bride to know BEFORE she ventures out to shop for her dream dress.

I asked Cyndi to chat about the top 5 things she feels every bride should be considering before she goes to on the emotional roller coaster of finding the perfect dress. Here's what she had to say:

What kind of bride are you?

Boho, ballroom, rustic, chic? Weddings vary greatly and so can your approach to being a bride! Long dress or short dress. Fingertip veil or cathedral veil. Pick out a dress that flatters your body and works with your personality.

What season is your wedding? The fabric you choose for your wedding dress is a big deal. You wouldn't want to wear a thin silk dress in the middle of winter or a heavy fabric for your beach wedding in July!

Is your wedding outdoor or indoor or both? In a garden or hotel ballroom? Your venue says something about your style so if you're not sure what kind of dress you'd like, choose one that compliments the venue.

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Listen to yourself

Have the confidence to know what is best for you. Keep your entourage to a minimum. Too many cooks in the kitchen will cause a lot of confusion and make you feel overwhelmed. They aren't wearing the dress YOU are!

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Being open minded is the key

It’s natural to be on Pinterest & scouring the internet looking at wedding dresses but you want to trust the professionals to help guide you to the right look for you.

Cyndi encourages her brides to bring their Pinterest board to show her their dress likes and dislikes. She will pull those dress options to show her brides what they look like and have them try on those selections.

She’ll then pull some selections that she feels will be a great option based on her years of experience, which may not be in the same style as what they were looking for when they came in the store.

What she told me next blew my mind. She said that around 50% of those brides wind up going in with her selections which is often in a completely different direction than what was on their Pinterest board! 50%!!

Clearly a lot of brides aren’t sure what it is that they want or what is going to look best  on them, which makes sense! Brides are professionals in other businesses, not the bridal business. So listen to your consultant and trust them, they want you to look and feel amazing just as much as you do!

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Cyndi mentioned that one thing every bride should know but almost no one does, is understand the wedding gown silhouettes. I was confused myself because a silhouette to me as a photographer is not what she was referring to!

She explained that there are 6 wedding gown silhouettes: The A Line, Mermaid,Trumpet, Ballgown, Empire Line and the Sheath.

Each silhouette has a unique shape, just like every woman’s body. So take some time to learn the different silhouettes which will flatter your particular body type.

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When you find it, you'll know it immediately!

I think this ties into "Listen to Yourself" and basically says it all! You'll know the moment when it happens and you should trust yourself.
You'll look at yourself in the mirror and will know that the journey has ended! It may be the first dress you try on or the 20th but you'll know it when it happens.

Many thanks to Cyndi for her time and knowledge!

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bride in lace Maggie Sottero gown with hand on hip

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