Old City E-session|Jenny and Kris

Prior to their Old City e-session, Jenny and Kris are from the same area in northeast PA and have known each other for many years. Kris has been a very close friend of her cousins, while Kris' uncle has coached her and her older sisters in basketball. They know so many of the same people and have somehow been connected for years. 

Jenny’s cousins, who also happen to be some of Kris' best friends, tried hard to set them up. However, the timing wasn't right since she had just moved to Nashville, while Kris ended up moving to where his parents currently live. Fast forward, Jenny’s cousins decided to plan a vacation to the Outer Banks and invited her to come with them. 

There was an instant connection between them. Instantly, they all hung out that whole week on that vacation when Kris came to visit her two weeks later. After that, they traveled back and forth to see each other for almost a year before Kris decided to move to Nashville. 

This sweet couple both have the same personality and are talkative and easy-going. They love being with each other, whether outside or just hanging out at home. According to them, spending time together are some of the most enjoyable moments of their lives:)



couple going in for a kiss

groom-to-be kissing the bride-to-be's cheek

intimate moment between the couple

Old City Philadelphia


The Proposal:

 Jenny and Kris went out during the day one Saturday afternoon for some drinks and appetizers. Once they got home, they made dinner while happily hanging out and listening to music together.

Kris suddenly called Jenny into the kitchen, and when she turned to the corner, he was down on one knee holding a ring. It was very private and intimate, which is exactly what both couples wanted.

For their wedding reception, this soon-to-be-married couple is looking forward to having the ultimate dance party with their family and friends.

long shot of the couple walking during their old city e-session

couple formal half-body portrait shot

the couple walking at thew garden

couple walking on the city

intimate between the couple in their old city e-session

long shot of the couple kissing on their old city e-session

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