couple kissing outside at their philly art museum e-session captured by philadelphia wedding photographer Ralph Deal

11 Popular Engagement Locations in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is one of the most romantic cities in the United States. A city like no other awaits you for your stunning engagement photos, which offer various backdrops making them one of Philly's best engagement photo locations.

You can go classic with the City Hall or try some more off-the-beat spots like Addison Street. No matter which one suits your taste best, there will be an amazing view of the city waiting for you!

Check out our list of photoshoot engagement locations in Philadelphia— we’ve been to them all before and they're guaranteed not just beautiful, but different every time.

1. Rittenhouse Square

Address: 210 W Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia, PA 19103

Rittenhouse Square is one of the most popular squares in Philadelphia and offers fun and chic backdrops for your engagement photos. With its beautiful gardens, ornate sculptures, and stately buildings, Rittenhouse Square is the perfect location if you want to add some greenery, both for day and nighttime city engagement shots. Every season offers a different delight with trees, flowers, and shrubs. There are several contrast-painted doors, brick walls, and other classic styles to inspire you for your creative engagement photo shoot. 


couple kissing beside a lamp post at rittenhouse square as one of the Engagement Locations in Philadelphia

couple taking a pose in casual clean attire during their engagement session


couple taking a pose during their philly summer e-session



2. The Philadelphia Museum of Art

Address: 2600 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy, Philadelphia, PA 19130 | (215) 763-8100

The Philadelphia Museum of Art is an icon for engagements or proposals of Philadelphia couples. It is one of the largest art museums in the country with expansive views and towering columns. Rocky Balboa's training montage was filmed on the museum's steps and they make for a brilliant spot to take your e-session photos.

a couple embracing on the steps during their philly art museu, e-session

couple kissing inside Philadelphia's museum of art

couple at philadelphia's museum of art as one of the Engagement Locations in Philadelphia

a smiling couple outside their Philly Art Museum E-Session

couple taking a pose during their philly e-shoot


back shot of the couple

Silhouette of a couple at sunset at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

3. Elfreth’s Alley

Address:  126 Elfreth's Alley Philadelphia, PA 19106

Elfreth’s Alley is full of history and the ideal location for couples who want a historic vibe with fewer onlookers and a little more privacy. The cobblestone-lined alley will take you to colonial times. Its miniature, dollhouse-like architecture of the street comes from the tightness of the alley and the narrow historic homes that adds a monumental charm to your e-shoots. It's also the perfect vintage Georgian-style backdrop for your engagement photos while capturing a part of your own history.



night shot of couple kissing at elfreth's alley as one of the Engagement Locations in Philadelphia

Soon-to-be bride and groom full body portrait shot

couple is taking a pose for their classic philly e-session

couple is taking a pose for their classic philly e-session

Located midway down the street is Bladen's Court, a charming circular courtyard that is basically an alley within an alley.

4. Valley Forge National Historic Park

Address: 1400 North Outer Line Drive King of Prussia, PA 19406

Valley Forge Park is a special location for your engagement photo shoot if you’re looking for a more natural setting. We love shooting in Valley Forge... the rolling hills and beautiful skyline create an ever-changing backdrop. It’s different every time you go. We’re so lucky to have this important place in our nation’s history right in our backyard—it never gets old! The variety of backgrounds found at Valley Forge Park such as the tiny houses, tall grassy fields, and big open landscapes provides lots of options for your engagement photo shoots.

back shot of couple holding hands at valley forge national historic park

long shot of couple kissing at valley forge national historic park

woman poses at valley forge national historic park

couple kissing at valley forge national historic park



5. Old City

Address: Old City District 231 Market Street Philadelphia, PA 19106

Old City is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Philadelphia and is home to various historic landmarks, charming little streets, and cool cobblestoned lanes. Dramatic views of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge, its tiny historic alleys, adorable shops, and bold murals make it a great location for an urban-chic engagement photo shoot. You can explore the neighborhood for its fashionable boutiques, great restaurants, eclectic galleries and theaters, and a vibrant nightlife after the shoot.


couple shares a kiss during their old city engagement photoshoot with the Museum of the American Revolution serving as the backdrop

couple kissing

couple pose for their old city philly eshoot

couple taking a pose during their philly summer e-session


couple embracing and smiling during their philly summer e-session

couple taking a pose in an alley in Old City during their engagement photoshoot


couple poses against the baluster of the 1st Bank of the United States

couple taking a pose in an alley in Old City during their engagement photoshoot

night shot of the couple posing for their eshoot

6. Philadelphia City Hall

Address: 1400 John F Kennedy Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19107

Philadelphia City Hall is one of the most iconic buildings in Philadelphia and it makes for an outstanding location for your engagement photo shoot. It’s built in the Second Empire style and is the largest municipal building in the country. The building’s impressive architecture and stunning views of the city are a must-have for many couples. The building’s imposing façade and being in the middle of traffic can be pretty exciting for couples who love adventure. Be prepared to dodge some traffic to make this shot worth it.


couple embracing on Broad Street near City Hall Philadelphia






7. Longwood Gardens

Address: 1001 Longwood Rd., Kennett Square, PA 19348 | 610-388-1000

Longwood Gardens is a beautiful botanical garden that offers colorful backdrops for your engagement photos. It’s world-renowned as one of the premier horticultural display gardens in the United States. Longwood isn’t right in the city—but it’s close enough that it’s worth including on this list. Although you don’t need a permit, be mindful that taking photographs shouldn’t ruin other guests’ experiences.

It’s one of our favorite places to be shooting in spring or fall. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more scenic location during the fall around Philadelphia than in Longwood Gardens. Its manicured gardens and holiday light display make it fantastic for a romantic engagement photo shoot any time of the year.


couple taking a pose in Peirce’s Park area of longwood gardens with stunning displays of woodland wildflowers

man bridal carrying his fiance while walking on their longwood gardens eshoot

a summer engagement shoot taken outside the historic bell tower of longwood gardens

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Longwood gardens engagement session with Stacey and Patrick

We love this tree house in the middle of the gardens. There are actually three tree houses on the property, but this one named Canopy Cathedral is the largest and overlooks a large lake.

a summer engagement shoot taken at The Theatre Garden area of longwood gardens has hosted well over 1,500 performances since it opened more than 100 years ago

couple taking a pose during their Engagement Session at Longwood Gardens

an engagement session taken at the majestic Main Fountain Garden area of longwood gardens

a sweet couple posing for their E-Session at the realistic desert landscape of the Silver Garden area of longwood gardens

a summer engagement shoot taken at the Main Fountain Garden area of longwood gardens with European-inspired architecture and hand-carved Italianate limestone stonework and sculptures provide an impressive structure to this unforgettable, world-class formal garden

en engagement shoot taken at the en-masse plantings of spiky, textural plants in the pathway of the Silver Garden area of longwood gardens

8. Center City

Center City is Philly’s premier downtown area, a perfect location for an urban-setting engagement photo shoot with its skyline views and bustling streets. Center City has nightlife and dining options for you. Love Chinese food? Then Chinatown is perfect for your cravings. If you're looking for more of a formal setting, Rittenhouse Square has got many restaurants that will suit your fancy taste. It's ideal if you want something historic yet hipster at the same time. The classic Broad Street and many alleyways also make for excellent e-shoot opportunities.

couple hugging each other

night shot of couple taking a pose during their philly summer e-session


couple poses on the side of the street for their center philly e-session


9. Addison St. Philly

Address: 1700- block of Addison St., Philadelphia, PA 19146

Addison St. is one of our favorite Philly streets and a popular choice for couples looking to make their romantic engagement session 'sparkle'. This beautiful street is a hidden treasure in the vibrant city of Philadelphia and will steal your heart when you see the trees strung in white lights all year round. Residents of picturesque brick townhouses in 1700 Addison have draped its Ginkgo trees with lights since 2017.  Huffington Post proclaimed it “arguably the prettiest street in the entire Northeast.” Whether it's covered in snow in the winter or blossoming in the spring, it's a beautiful place to be.


couples kisses for their e-session in center city philly

couple posing for their Addison St. Philly E-Session


10. FDR Park

Address: 1500 Pattison Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19145

FDR Park is a great location for an engagement photo shoot if you’re looking for a natural setting. Because of the park's layout, you'll have many options at your disposal. The property boasts a cement pavilion with intricately designed openings, an elegant marble gazebo, luscious tall grass, a large picturesque lake, and plenty of natural beauty. With its sprawling meadows and scenic forests, FDR Park is a lovely spot for an engagement session.




11. John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge

Address: 18601 Lindbergh Blvd., Philadelphia, PA 19153

John Heinz Wildlife Refuge is a beautiful nature preserve that offers various outdoor backdrops for your engagement session. The Tinicum Park's gigantic Tinicum Marsh is also a hotspot for bird watchers. John Heinz is the perfect place for a charming, nature vibe e-shoot with its wooded trails and scenic lakes— it's guaranteed to make your pictures look amazing!


engagement shoot at john heinz wildlife refuge

siani and richard walking on the bridge

Final Words

Between the city limits and the suburbs, this “City of Brotherly Love” has an engagement location for every type of couple. We have compiled the best places to take engagement photos in Philadelphia that will suit you both perfectly and now it’s up to you to plan your engagement photo shoot based on the season, style, and your favorite places to explore. There is no shortage of places in Philly that will make it a one-of-a-kind experience!

Want to learn more? Hit me up and let's chat!

"We could not have hired a better photographer for our wedding than Ralph. We have countless photos that we can use in our home and are thrilled to look back on to remember our wedding day. The day moves so quickly but Ralph did an incredible job capturing the moments throughout the day so we can re-live the emotions, setting, and all the love that filled the occasion. Ralph's process of getting to know my wife and I through the planning meetings and engagement session was more detailed and fun than expected. He wanted to get to know us. The level of effort that Ralph pours into his work mirrored the level of effort that we felt we were putting into the wedding day as a whole, which we were thrilled with. The post-wedding meeting is a great experience as well as Ralph allowed us to walk back through the day and choose the layout for our wedding album in-person in a theater-like setting. Working with Ralph to capture the irreplaceable moments on the most important day in our lives was the best choice we could have made!"

- Dan Bergvall

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