Longwood Gardens E-session|Melissa’s Story

I love when I have an initial consult with a client that turns into a great conversation that isn't just about weddings or photography. Melissa and I had one of those conversations and once we ended our call, I had hoped to hear back from her about her New Years Eve 2019 wedding. Thankfully, I did!

Melissa and Anthony (who are from Hoboken, NJ) didn't want to shoot in NYC or in their area and decided to do a Longwood Gardens e-session...one of my favorite places!
It wouldn't have mattered where we went though. They looked great and were very easy to work with.

I can't wait to see what next NYE brings at their Hotel DuPont Wedding!




A Message from the Engaged Couple

As an event planner myself, finding the perfect photographer for my own wedding was a task that I thought would be dreadful as I am quite the perfectionist and had such a vision (ahem, thank you, Pinterest) for our engagement shoot. 
From the minute I spoke to Ralph, I knew he was our guy! He had such humble professionalism that made me feel confident that I didn’t even bother continuing my search! Working with Ralph was simply awesome and a blast! Ralph went as far as getting in the bushes and literally getting thorns all over just to get the shot. A-mazing!

Longwood Gardens e-session



You'd be hard pressed to find a more scenic location during the Fall season around Philadelphia than Longwood Gardens. I loved the outfits Melissa and Anthony decided to wear. They fit in perfectly with the surroundings and had a wonderful elegance about them!

I recommend a Longwood Gardens e-session to anyone looking for this kind of vibe for their images!




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couple posing for their e-session at longwood gardens

couple posing for their e-session at longwood gardens


Thanks to Melissa and Anthony for making our session so fun and easy!

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