Getting The Most Out Of Your Wedding Photography Experience

Dive into our latest video for expert tips on getting the most out of your wedding photography experience. From poses that reflect your love story to choosing the perfect backdrop, we’ve got you covered. Let’s make every snapshot a cherished memory!

Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Ralph Deal from Ralph Deal Photography. How would you feel if you didn’t love your wedding photos? You’d be devastated.


It would be awful. In this video, we’re going to talk about wedding photography. At the end of the day, your album and your images are what keeps your memories alive for you. And for future generations. It’s arguably the most important vendor you’re going to hire for your wedding day. Let’s get started. 

So, here’s an overview of what I would suggest that you do to ensure that you love your images and the experience with your photographer. The first thing you should be deciding on is the style of photography that connects with you and your partner. And by style I mean a few things such as is the photographer’s style light and airy, dark and moody do the colors in their images pop or are they muted? Do they take a photo journalistic approach? Or do they set up in pose most of the moments during the wedding day?

There’s no right or wrong style, just the one that connects with you. But it’s really important that you know what style you’re looking for before you contact any photographers. Another important thing to think about early in the process are products.

Do you want an album? Do you want professional prints and or wall art for your home?

Or do you just want digital files? Some photographers offer these products or have them built into their collections, but some do not. Once you’ve made those decisions, go ahead and assemble a list of several photographers whose work connects with you send them an inquiry and set up a console.

During the console, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, learn about their collections and the pricing of those collections and their product offerings. Also, you’ll be able to see if you connect with a photographer on a personal level, personality is a major factor to consider as you’ll be spending a lot of time with your photographer on your wedding day, so liking them as a person is just as important as liking their work.

Once you’ve made the decision and have hired your photographer, be sure to book an engagement session. Having that time with your photographer will pay huge dividends on your wedding day.

It’s an opportunity to build chemistry, get to understand the direction they give or the lack thereof, which can be a red flag. Seeing the results of your engagement session will give you confidence in your photographer skill which will also help you be more relaxed on your wedding day.

 Finally, have a solid game plan for your wedding day that will ensure that your photographer captures your complete wedding day story. communicate with them and let them know what’s most important to you. After all, this is your wedding day, not the photographers. Be prepared to work with your photographer to determine shooting locations, your must have photos and your wedding day timeline.

If you do these things, I’m confident that you’ll have a set of images that you’ll love from this amazing time in your life. So there you have it. If you’ve enjoyed watching this video, please be sure to click the bell on this page to subscribe to our channel. Thanks so much!

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