The 12 Most Common Wedding Planning Mistakes

Begin your journey of wedding planning! In this video, we’re diving into the world of ‘I do’s and don’ts,’ revealing the 12 most common wedding planning mistakes to help you steer clear of any potential hiccups. Join us as we explore these pitfalls, so you can craft your perfect day with confidence and avoid the bumps along the aisle.

Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Ralph Deal from Ralph Deal Photography. Let me ask you a question, what’s the biggest fear you have when it comes to planning your wedding? Probably making a mistake right? You only get one chance to plan your wedding so proper wedding planning is crucial.

In this video we’re going to cover the 12 most common wedding planning mistakes that you need to avoid to have the perfect wedding day. Okay, let’s get started!

Common mistake number one: planning your wedding in the wrong order.

Common mistake number two: winging the budget. Stay tuned as I address this in more detail.

In episode three of this series, common mistake number three: Is not learning the applicable marriage laws or forgetting the actual marriage license. You’d be surprised how many couples get to apply for their marriage license. While planning a wedding, sure dressing up and having a party is nice but the actual legally binding document that proves your marriage should be a top priority.

Common mistake number four: Bad dress planning or buying the dress before you pick the venue your dress absolutely should go hand in hand with the vibe of the venue and I address some word of this subject later in this series.

Common mistake number five: Over-inviting guests.

Common mistake number six: Trying to do everything yourself utilize your network your family your friends, but definitely don’t try to do it yourself. Common mistake number seven: Setting the date before you pick your venue.

Common mistake number eight: Not reading your contracts you definitely want to make sure that you’re understanding all the contracts with all the different vendors for obvious reasons.

Common mistake number nine: Not setting boundaries with family or friends. Yes, definitely make sure that you’re not doing this yourself and getting those family and friends to help you but you know make sure you’re setting boundaries.

Common mistake number ten: Not having an unplugged ceremony for the love of baby Jesus. Make sure that you’re letting your guests know that you’ve got the photography and video covered. You don’t need them to be holding their phones up and their iPads up to be taking pictures- it’s unsightly. And I can’t tell you how many of my brides have asked if is it possible to photoshop these phones and iPads out of images, which it’s not possible.

Common mistake number eleven: Ordering flowers without considering your outfit, it’s really important to send photos of your wedding outfit and
accessories to your florist when ordering bouquets and boutonnieres so they know how to design your florals. It also lets your florist know how dressy or casual your wedding is going to be.

Common mistake number twelve: Going on a diet, the first thing so many women do after they get engaged is go on a diet for some crazy reason. Losing weight has become synonymous with wedding planning during your engagement, don’t lose sight of the very important truth that your partner loves you for who you are currently and lastly don’t plan on everything being perfect- perfection is the lowest standard, because it’s just not attainable.

It’s not going to be perfect, something is inevitably every single wedding.

I’ve shot hundreds of them something is definitely going to go a little bit awry and not according to schedule, and it’s just there’s so many moving parts on a wedding day, it is what it is, you can’t let it bother you. Don’t plan on everything being perfect, and if you don’t plan on everything being perfect you actually will have a wonderful wedding day.

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