Top Wedding Day Poses for the Happy Couple

While all your wedding photos are important, the couple portraits are especially meaningful. These images are your first photos as a new family and may decorate your home for years or even decades.

That’s why the right poses—along with details like exposure and lighting—are so essential for your wedding photographer to get right. A professional photographer will know just how to pose you and how to frame each image so that you get photos you will look back on fondly and maybe even show to your children in the future.

While every couple is different, these are some of the top wedding day poses that can be adjusted and adapted to create stunning images of you and your partner.

Stand side by side but stay connected

The basic side-by-side pose can be modified in a number of ways, whether turning in for a quick kiss or looking outward. The most important part of this pose is to make sure you stay connected by holding hands or gently leaning against each other. Even a gentle touch on your partner’s cheek can turn this simple pose into an incredibly romantic photo.

long shot of bride and groom on the beach kissing as one of the Top Wedding Day Poses for the Happy Couple

bride and groom shot

newlyweds holding hands is one of the Top Wedding Day Poses

long shot of bride and groom kissing as one of the Top Wedding Day Poses for the Happy Couple

bride and groom poses for the camera

Look into each other’s eyes

This is another common pose that is full of variety. Not only does it demonstrate your love and connection, but facing each other can even reduce your wedding day stress. Stand close together, leaning into each other, and even hold hands or wrap an arm around your partner for an additional point of connection.

intimate moment between the bride and groom

intimate moment between the bride and groom

Hug your partner from behind

It's one of the top wedding poses all couples love to be photograph with. This sweet and intimate pose creates a sense of closeness and affection, resulting in a romantic image that you’ll be sure to love.

Bride and groom portrait

intimate moment between the couple

long shot of the couple in the garden

Take a stroll

If your venue is picturesque, a simple stroll down a path or across a field makes for beautiful images. It also gives you some extra time with your partner, just holding hands and chatting while your photographer captures authentic images of you enjoying each other.

candid shot of bride and groom walking on the field

Get inspired by your surroundings

Sometimes the scenery will provide your photographer with extra inspiration for your photos. Whether you’re getting married in a stately church or surrounded by gorgeous mountains, the environment is more than a backdrop. It can also offer you a chance to interact with your surroundings and create some unique images!

bride and groom sits and poses for the camera

a curvy bride on staircase

Long shot of the groom carrying the bride

Drape your veil

If you’re wearing a veil for your wedding, a classic pose is to drape the veil over both you and your partner while you sneak a kiss beneath. You can also let the wind catch your veil and create a dreamy, romantic look for your photos.

Bride and groom underneath a veil embracing

Go for a dip

Nothing says romance like a dip kiss! Just be sure to practice a few times before going for the shot. Your photographer can offer you guidance on the best—and safest—way to execute the perfect dip.

black and white shot of bride and groom kissing as one of the Top Wedding Day Poses for the Happy Couple

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