couple posing with the whole wedding entourage

Our 21 Favorite Wedding Photos of 2021

The perfect way to celebrate love is by throwing a wedding! These fantastic wedding photos of 2021 are your guidebook for romance and joy in spades. Each one is unique and special in its own way. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do. 

Here are our 21 favorite wedding moments/images of the year 2021.

#21: Alexa & Dante

This is one of our favorite wedding photos of 2021 is one of our favorites. Alexa and Dante's wedding took place at the Merion in New Jersey but they wanted to shoot all of their photos in Old City Philadelphia.  We had a bright, sunny day at the Second Bank with light coming in from camera left. I set them up for a dramatic image with their faces soaking up the sunlight but also shooting wide enough to show off the beautiful architecture of the bank.

Long shot of bride and groom in the middle of the infrastructure's stairs outside

#20. Tiffany & Kyle

Before Tiff and Kyle's reception began, they wanted to get a quick shot on the dancefloor before their guests came into the ballroom. I asked them to practice their first dance so we could get a few candid, fun shots and to end with a big kiss.

Just like everything else on their wedding day, it was perfect!!

the newlyweds dancing at the ballroom at the ben venue

end of night shot with the newlyweds kissing in the middle of the ballroom

#19. Meghan & Josh

Another favorite wedding photo of mine is from Meghan and Josh's wedding. This simple photo taken at the Cherry Street pier by the Ben Franklin Bridge, is filled with love, tenderness and warm emotions.

intimate moment between the bride and groom with the brooklyn bridge at the back

#18. Sabrina & John

Black and white seemed to fit these moments from Sabrina and John's wedding perfectly! We took a stroll around City Hall and finished up on Broad Street before heading to their venue. We took a lot of beautiful images, these are two of my favorite moments!

black and white shot of the bride and groom holding hands

Black and white shot of the bride and groom kissing in the middle of the city

#17. Deanna & Bobby

I could fill a book (and we did!) of  amazing images from Deanna and Bobby's wedding day. These two moments of this couple that has been together since middle school are super sweet:)

Portrait shot of the groom kissing the bride's forehead

The groom holding the bride

#16. Gabrielle & Dominick

We love happy moments like this! Gabrielle and Dominick had so much fun during their reception! Who wouldn't love to be joining this party!?!?

couple laughing and dancing during the wedding party at the Crystal Tea Room with guests around them

#15. Jess & Justin

A bride and groom simply walking together being present and in the moment will almost always make for a classic, beautiful image. Keep it simple like Jess and Justin!

Back shot shot of the groom and bride while the bride looks back

#14. Jodie & Patrick

They look like a Hollywood couple! This set of photos is so classic and beautiful. I love how Patrick is carrying Jodi while they're kissing. No wonder it made to our favorite wedding photos of 2021:)

Bride and groom holding hands night shot

Bride and groom night shot

Groom carrying the bride while kissing night shot

#13. Alexa & Miller

When we arrived at the stop where Alexa, Miller and their bridal party was getting off of their party bus to walk to the reception venue, I noticed the metal garage door with a rust pattern that created a little frame. I set them up in that frame for a set of photos that came out really cool with a little edge. And as we normally do, we set up a romantic night shot to end the album with. Two of my favs from a beautiful wedding day!

bride and groom long shot

bride and groom kissing night shot

#12. Kathleen & Tejas

Kathleen and Tejas had changed their wedding venue late in the process and decided to have a backyard wedding at Kathleen's parents home in Morrestown, NJ. It was a challenging day due to a huge storm that passed through the area right before the ceremony. To everyone's credit, the rain just became part of the story and other than a delay in start time, it was a wonderful day!

intimate time with the bride and groom

bride and groom kissing under the umbrella night shot

bride candid shot

bride and groom night long shot

#11. Shana & Kyle

I love these images of Shana hanging out with her girls! Their wedding entourage pics are super fun and real as was this image of their first dance...definite favs!!

bride and her bridesmaids

bride holding wine with her bridesmaids

bride drinking champagne from the bottle

couple dancing during the reception party at the downtown club philly

#10. Mary & Matt

I love moments like these during getting ready. It's clear that Mary is very close to her Mom and sister and this photo captures their special bond perfectly. This is a lovely moment that Mary and Matt will treasure forever.

Bride getting ready with the help of her mother and maid-of-honor

light moment between the bride and her bridal party

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#9. Michelle & Mike

Taking a stroll on Broad Street made for some awesome images of Michelle and Mike!

couple walking in the middle of the street

#8. Nina & Mike

Nina and Mike's wedding at Terrain Gardens was a truly magical day, and their sparkler send-off capped it all off in style!

bride and groom kissing while holding sparklers

#7. Dani & Brian

This moment at the end of Dani and Brian's wedding is so classic! The way Brian holds her and the expression on his face show just how much he adores her.

intimate moment of bride and groom embracing at their W Hotel Wedding in Philadelphia

#6. Alexandria & Trevor

This "first look" photo of Alexandria and Trevor is one of our favorite wedding moments. It captures the emotion and joy that Trevor felt upon seeing his bride.

the first look

bride is excited for the first look

groom is ecstatic for his first look at her bride

#5. Gabrielle & Mike

None of the happy moments on a wedding day are quite like the bride and groom walking through the crowd of their loved ones as husband and wife. This ceremony exit shot of Gabrielle and Mike shows how ecstatic the couple is to be celebrating their love and marriage.

Newly married couple leaves the church

#4. Gabrielle & Dom

Gabrielle and Dom's romantic night shot was taken later in the reception. I asked them to reflect on the day and on the future ahead of them. I LOVE this moment between them!

intimate shot of the couple after the wedding party at the Crystal Tea Room

#3. Heather & Chris

This Halloween-inspired wedding of Heather and Chris was one of our favorites of 2021. The added touch of elegance to their fun and festive Halloween wedding made it one of the most memorable weddings of the year.

the newlyweds kissing during their ceremonial exit at bride and groom standing at church altar during wedding ceremony at Allaire state park historic chapel

bride's Halloween themed wedding heels

newlyweds taking a walk along the beach after their Halloween themed wedding

#2. Callie & Hugh

This picture reminds me of old Hollywood glamour. Callie and Hugh look like they stepped out of a black and white movie. We love how classic and elegant these images are.

black and white vintage shot of the bride and groom kissing

black and white long sholt of the bride and groom kissing

black and white back shot of the bride and groom walking

long back shot od the bride and groom kissing on the beach

#1. Jenna & Derrick

Jenna and Derrick's wedding moments were not complete without their adorable pooch! I loved that they made sure to include him for some images  before he was taken back home:)

bride and her dog holding eachother's hand


bride and groom with their dog

long shot of the bride and groom

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