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This stunning European-designed wedding venue in Cinnaminson, New Jersey, is the perfect place for your intimate yet lavish weddings. With several indoor locations and four ballrooms available to choose from, The Merion offers everything you need. On top of their luxurious amenities, they offer custom cake services French-style catering for couples who wish to plan their entire wedding at this beautiful venue. 

The Merion is famed for its decorative crystal chandeliers, exquisite marble columns, and a classic spiral staircase, which is ideal for a grand wedding entry. Its architecture and interior design convey elegance and class. In one of the four main ballrooms, up to 500 people can attend an event. There is a separate cocktail room, a private restroom, and a bridal suite where the bride gets ready for the reception in every ballroom. You can also use these rooms to have an intimate moment together.


There aren't many venues in South Jersey like the Merion...they're a well oiled machine! The staff is always very nice and I like its proximity to the city if there's time to cross the bridge for photos.

One thing I would suggest to keep in mind: Don't feel that you have to shoot all of your photos at the Merion. There are places not too far away that provide beautiful scenery without having to travel a long distance or to the city. I found that the combination of images shot at the Merion along with those from other locations works best.

I also suggest communicating with your host regarding other weddings that may be happening on your wedding day. This venue has four ballrooms so it's a good idea to ask in advance where you'll be able to go around the venue in regard to the other weddings.

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1301 US-130
Cinnaminson, NJ 08077


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Wedding Stories

Enchanting scene as the bride and groom share a magical moment facing each other, surrounded by the beauty of nature, their smiles reflecting the joy and serenity of a love that blossoms amidst the natural wonders around them

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