Tips For Planning And Staying Within Your Wedding Budget

Learn how to plan your dream wedding while staying within your budget in this comprehensive video guide. Weddings can be extravagant, but they don’t have to break the bank. Our expert tips will walk you through every aspect of wedding budgeting, from setting financial priorities and creating a realistic spending plan to finding cost-effective alternatives and negotiating with vendors. We’ll also provide real-life examples and success stories from couples who managed to have their dream weddings without the financial stress.

Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Ralph deal from Ralph do photography,

Finances. Oh, what a wonderful subject that is, huh? That’s, that’s a little bit stressful, isn’t it? That’s an unfortunate part of planning your wedding, but it’s a vital part of planning your wedding.

 In this video, we’re gonna discuss the best ways to stay on track, stay on budget, so you’re meeting all the requirements that you have for your wedding day. Alright, let’s get started. 

Okay, here are some tips to help you set and stay within your wedding budget.

First of all, set a budget. Before you can stay within your wedding budget, you need to have one in mind. There are a lot of costs that are often overlooked by brides to be in all of their excitement, and all those things will add up and cause you to spend more money than you intended. being thorough with your wedding budget plan and including everything you can think of will help you stay on track.

Just like any other budget tool, using a spreadsheet to create a wedding budget plan makes it much easier for you to keep track of your expenses along the way. Start with a budget and then begin exploring vendors within your price range, not the other way around. Though, if you’re finding that your budget and your wedding plans are completely misaligned.

Your parents insist they must invite dozens of their friends but are only willing to contribute a small amount. For example, it’s time to discuss the reality of how far that money will go and either adjust the budget or the expectations accordingly.

Second, make compromises. Unless you have a truly unlimited budget for your wedding, chances are that you’re going to have to make few compromises as you plan your wedding. For instance, some girls choose to spend more on flowers and less on musical entertainment at their wedding reception. Other girls might choose to go all in and spend a lot on their wedding day instead of going on an amazing honeymoon. making compromises about your wedding day isn’t the worst thing in the world.

Yes, it’s a huge milestone and an event to be celebrated. But you can still throw an amazing wedding without spending more on it than you would a house. 

Third, categorize your wedding budget by percentage. Now that you know what you’re working with, it’s time to take a macro look at how this translates to each part of your wedding. While there’s no rules on how much you should spend on each category, there are some loose guidelines that can help you from going off track.

You probably don’t want to allocate half of your budget to the band for example, unless you’re okay with pizza for dinner. Many wedding planners and brides find it helpful to create a wedding budget breakdown by percentage.

For example, some brides might be willing to allocate less money to a cake if it meant more money for a dress. However you arrange and rearrange your wedding budget, a good rule of thumb is to spend no more than 40% of the overall budget on the venue food and alcohol combined. While these are typically the most costly line items, they shouldn’t overtake the entire budget. 

And finally, beware of the hidden costs. Even the little things seriously add up which is one reason it’s wise to keep a miscellaneous fun. That’s around 5% of the overall budget.

Here are a few common items that brides might not consider ahead of time, beauty treatments, the bachelorette party, marriage license, night before hotel room, welcome bags, vendor meals and overtime costs. 

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