Old City Philly e-session|Laura & Todd

When a simple acknowledgement takes place... a love story begins. “This time I will have a bowtie.” Laura and Todd were introduced by her roommate while attending the University of Delaware during one of the most exciting events of living the college life. Todd became one of her dates to the sorority party and since then, they have been together for almost six years.

From the first inside joke they’ve shared together has blossomed into a successful, romantic college story through loving moments of cooking, playing board games, and raising their dog, Dee together.

There is a phrase, “well opposites attract, don’t they?”
“We work so well together because we are similar but different enough. I have a very type-A personality, and Todd is very calm and level headed. So we work really well together. We also know each other really well and work as a team.” - Laura

Here are some favorites from their recent Old City Philly e-session:

couple is taking a pose for their Old City Philly e-session

Couple looking at eachother in casual

couple kissing

Old City Philly e-session

Couple black and white candid shot in their old city philly e-session

bride to be smiling before the camera for her Old City Philly e-session portrait

Soon-to-be bride and groom full body portrait shot

groom-to-be solo portrait shot

black and white intimate shot of the couple

Couple half-body shot

intimate moment between the couple in their old city philly e-session

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"Ralph's ability to make his clients feel like they are #1 at all times is phenomenal! His work speaks for itself, but it is what he does in addition to the pictures that makes the difference. Him and his team went far beyond our expectations and were able to capture not only pictures, but a story of our lives. We would recommend Ralph Deal Photography to anyone who wants an exceptional and personalized experience!"

-Rona Diamond

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