the newlyweds in their first dance as husband and wife

Elegant Wedding at the Crystal Tea Room |Bianca and Matt

Bianca and Matt's love story was one for the ages. From their high school days to their romantic proposal in Italy, their love grew stronger with every passing day.

Their shared interests in dining out, luxury cars, and traveling around the world brought them closer together. But what made their relationship work was the fact that they were best friends first. They knew each other inside out and could always make each other laugh.

Despite their busy schedules, they always found time for each other and supported their dreams and goals. Their love was the kind that inspired others.

The Proposal:

When Matt proposed on a boat in Positano, it was the perfect moment! The sun was setting, casting a warm golden glow over the Amalfi Coast. Bianca was filled with anticipation, hoping that this would be the moment.

And it was. Matt got down on one knee, holding out a ring that sparkled in the soft light. Tears streamed down Bianca's face as she said yes, knowing this was the beginning of their forever.

They celebrated their engagement with a delicious Italian meal and a bottle of champagne, toasting their love and future together. As they looked out at the stunning view, they knew that no matter where life took them, they would always have each other to return to.

This couple cannot help but feel overcome with joy at the thought of celebrating their union with their nearest and dearest. To be surrounded by their family and friends, all gathered in one place to witness the start of their forever, is a dream come true for them.

Here are some favorites from their elegant wedding at the Crystal Tea Room, beautifully captured by Ralph Deal Photography.

Getting Ready

black wedding invitation for a wedding at the crystal tea room

wedding dress hanged near a window in a hotel suite

a pair of white bridal shoes

pair of diamond earrings


close up shot of wedding bands, engagement ring and a pair of diamond earrings

groom's perfume



bride in her bridal robe all dolled up for her wedding

bride and her bridesmaid in their robes takes a pose for the camera

bride getting ready for her wedding with the help of her mother and sister

bride's father are all smiles upon seeing his daughter in her wedding dress

groom putting his socks


bride's mother is putting the veil on her daughter's head

silhouette shot of the bride in her wedding dress assisted by her mother

black and white bridal shot of the bride while she looks outside her window

black leather shoes of the groom



groom is assisted by his best man

groom is fixing his tie

groom is assisted by his best man

groom sits on the bath tub while holding a glass of champagne

groom getting a toast from his grooms men

Bride and Groom

the handsome groom smiling for his solo portrait

groom is in awe after the first look


couple hugs after the first look



couple smiles after the first look


couple shares a kiss after the first look


couple takes a pose on the balcony of their hotel suite







bride's solo portrait


groom's solo portrait

bride's solo portrait

bride and her bridesmaids smiles for the camera


groom and his grooms men takes a serious pose for the camera


the wedding party including the flower girls

couple takes a pose in a carousel in the park before their crystal tea room wedding

couple takes a pose in a carousel in the park before their crystal tea room wedding

Elegant Wedding Ceremony at the Crystal Tea Room

landscape shot of the crystal tea room wedding venue


bride and her father getting ready for the wedding entrance


three flower girls in their white dress walking towards the altar

groom's entrance with his mother

bride walks down the aisle with her father

bride and groom saying their vows in the ceremony


the first kiss after pronounced as husband and wife

the ceremonial exit

Elegant Wedding Reception at the Crystal Tea Room

thank you card placed beside a wine glass in the wedding reception

wedding guests mingling at the wedding reception



white flowers as centerpiece decorations in the wedding reception

an ice scupture engraved with the letters of love

four tierred black wedding cake adorned with white flowers


the presidential table adorned with candles and white flowers

the newlyweds smiles at the entrance door of the wedding reception at the crystal tea room

the newlyweds in their first dance as husband and wife

the newlyweds hitting the dance floor with their guests

groom dancing with his mother

the couple's first dance

father and daughter dance

the newlyweds cutting their wedding cake

the wedding party having a blast on the dance floor with the newlyweds

wedding guests having a blast on the dance floor

wedding guests dancing

the newlyweds each holding a glass of champagne while smiling for the camera

the newlyweds and guests cheer for the camera

newlyweds share a kiss with the whole wedding guests cheer on them

Reception: Crystal Tea Room┃Dress: Bridal Garden Maggie Sottero┃Grooms Suit: Indochino Velvet black tux┃Music: Mystical Entertainment Group┃Hair: Philly Hair Girl ┃Make-up: Makeup by Brielle Zangari┃Florist: NE Flower BoutiqueVideographer: CinEmotion

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"Wow where to begin! Ralph was our photographer last year for our October wedding, from the first phone conversation I had with him I knew a made the right choice. I could not have been happier with how my pictures turned out as well as with the experience my husband and I had with Ralph and his entire team. Throughout the entire process Ralph took the time to make sure everything went perfectly even when it didn't. Ralph was professional, attentive, and patient to every email, text, phone call and question, including the ones asking him to resend our photos almost a year post wedding because it slipped my mind to download them. Can't wait to work with him and his team over and over again for year to come!"

-Jackie Izabelle

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