5 Reasons To Schedule A Summer Family Photo Session

They say summer is the season for weddings, and with glamorous events come gorgeous photos. Well, this is true for family photos as well. Not convinced? Here are five reasons to grab a stunning summer family  photo session.

Happy Family, Happy Photos

Summer family photo sessions can be difficult to organize, especially with young children. A 2014 UM study found that being outside helps reduce stress. Nice weather means outdoor photos, giving your children plenty of room to play and use up their energy. A little sunshine adds a smile to your day, which makes for perfect family photos.

father holding his jumping daughter during their summer family photo session

pregnantllong shot of pregnant woman holding her belly

Light Nights For Late Sessions

With lighter nights comes longer hours for many photographers. Don't let your busy schedule get in the way of a beautiful summer family photo session. Schedule an appointment that works around your hectic day, with plenty of sunshine left for photos. You can get work done and still find time to enjoy a session with your family.

Secure Those Holiday Photos

Take advantage of the summer and snap those holiday photos in advance. Beat the bustle of holiday season with a summer photo session. Friends and family will be happy to receive a little sunshine with their holiday cards. As a bonus, it's one less thing for you to deal with during the frantic holiday season.

child playing riding a toy car for a summer family photo session

candid photo of smiling baby boy in their summer family photo session

Location, Location, Location

With nice weather comes more opportunities for beautiful photo shoots. Closed parks are now open and thawed lakes turn to glittering photo opportunities. With more locations to choose from, your family can take full advantage of the session. Snap those photos and enjoy a family day out. 

Comfort and Creativity

Make the photo session fun for young children by introducing them to cool costumes. No need to bundle up in scarves and sweaters in the summer heat. The family can wear whatever they want and feel beautiful doing it. Comfort means happiness, and happiness means great smiles for photos. Nobody likes chattering teeth during those summer family photo sessions.   

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