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The Importance Of A Family Photo Session

They say the days are long but the years are short. Those toddler temper tantrums and teenage eye rolls may be exasperating to you now, but in the blink of an eye, those things will just be a distant memory.

Unfortunately, with the tantrums also disappears those chubby little toddler hands holding yours. As the eye rolls fade that teenager is heading off to college, and those moments are gone. This is why family portraits are so important. We don't often understand how vital family portraits are until it's too late.

Portraits Capture Memories

You certainly have 100s of snapshots on your mobile phone capturing memories of your day to day lives. But, how many of those photos feature the whole family interacting? How many of them are missing mom or dad? You'll love to look back at them, sure.

But even more special would be an image showing how your entire family interacts because it is so fun to see how your family grows. An annual family photo session will allow you to capture those special family relationships before they change, evolve, or disappear.

as part of their lifestyle vs. posed portraits of a family of five

Portraits Spark Conversation

When we print out photographs and hang them proudly on our walls, we are inviting friends and family to look at, enjoy, and reminisce. Family portraits are so important because they spark those important conversations which help us to remember loved ones. They remind us of special memories, inspire different generations of family members to share memories and become a crucial part of our family story.

Portraits Make Heirloom Gifts

There is nothing more special to give as a gift than a framed family portrait. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, godparents all love to receive a custom portrait gift. Not only that, but framed photographs become heirloom pieces handed down from generation to generation. It becomes a lovely family tradition to take family photographs and give them as gifts.

Portraits are a Great Tradition

Aside from being beautiful on your walls, (and nice things to give to grandma) the memories made are priceless. Your entire family will remember their experience in dressing up, gathering together, and giggling through their photos.

Years from now, you'll all be able to laugh about that bad middle school haircut. Or the really ugly sweater someone was forced to wear, and how Billy fell in the mud right before the big photo shoot. Besides, family photos are good to have on hand when its time to send out your holiday cards!

If you're ready to wrangle your family together to create and capture priceless memories please contact me to schedule your consultation!

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