Fall Wedding at Ballroom at the Ben | Briana and Nico

In 2018, destiny played its hand when Nico and Bri's lives intertwined at a bustling work conference. Little did they know that this seemingly ordinary encounter would mark the beginning of a remarkable love story.

From that initial spark, it became evident that they were more than just two souls meeting – they were kindred spirits with a shared love for life's adventures. Whether it was the thrill of the beach, the joy of hanging out with friends, or the warmth of family moments, every experience was made even better in each other's company. Nico's passion for football, especially his unwavering support for the Eagles, added an extra layer of excitement to their journey. And the culinary escapades, exploring new recipes and discovering hidden culinary gems, added a flavorful touch to their shared narrative.

What sets Nico and Bri apart is their unwavering dedication to their dreams and to each other. From the very beginning, their aspirations aligned perfectly, creating a harmonious partnership where they lift each other up and encourage the pursuit of their passions.

Their story took an enchanting turn on a sunlit day in a Philadelphia 18th-century garden. Nico's heartfelt proposal left Bri completely surprised, her heart brimming with joy and love.

As they step onto the path of marriage, they hold dear the places that hold significance in their journey. The proposal's location is a homage to Nico's parents' love story, captured in wedding pictures in the same romantic setting.

As their journey unfolds, Nico and Bri are eager to document each step, each moment, and each memory. Here's to a love story that began with chance and continues to evolve in the most enchanting ways.

Here are some of our favorites from their wedding at Ballroom at the Ben captured by Ralph Deal Photography.

Getting Ready

bride's bridal shoes, white purse. perfume and wedding rings

bridal gown

bride and her squad are all smiles while wearing their robes

bride's sparkling shoe sandals

mother is checking her daughter's wedding gown

bride is talking to her sister at her bridal suite

groom's watch

groom's shoes and tie

bride smiles after getting dolled up

bride's sister helps her put on her sandal

bride getting emotional with her mother

groom is fixing his tie ahead of his wedding at ballroom at the ben

groom smiles while his dad puts on his tie

groom gets help from her mother wearing his suit

portrait of the dashing groom

bride's father takes a peek at her daughter in her bridal suite

bride is hugging her father

bride and father's portrait

Bride and Groom

the bridal portrait






the bridal portrait


the bride and her bridesmaids

the groom and his groomsmen

the bride and her male entourage

the newlyweds and their entire entourage in their wacky pose

the bride and her bridesmaids in their wacky pose

the groom and his groomsmen in their wacky pose

the groom and his female entourage

the groom and his groomsmen in their wacky pose

the newlyweds and their entire entourage

Wedding Ceremony

outside facade of the church

white bridal car approaching the ceremony site

bride and her father inside the bridal car

bride and her father at the entrance door of the church

the church's hallway

the wedding bouquet placed on top of the table

bride takes a peek at the bridal car's window

bride and her father at the entrance door of the church

the processional march of the bride and her father

the processional march of the bride and her father

groom is hugging his father in law

father is hugging his daughter before giving her to the groom

bride and groom standing at the altar

groom and bride holding hands while at the altar

the newlyweds standing while listening to the wedding ceremony

the newlyweds reciting their wedding vows

bride and groom standing at the altar

the newlyweds leaving the church after their wedding ceremony

the newlywed's first kiss

the newlywed's first kiss

Wedding Photos from Ballroom at the Ben

































Reception: Finley Catering/Ballroom at the Ben | Dress: Eve of Milady | Shoes: Jimmy Choo  | Music: SCE Event Group | Hair/M-Up: Philly Hair & Makeup | Florist:Floral Sentiments| Wedding Planner: Amanda Dabbeekeh | Video: Allure Films | Hotel: Hotel Monaco

Let's Talk About Your Wedding!

"I highly recommend hiring Ralph Deal as your wedding photographer! Our pictures turned out beautifully and we got all of the shots that we wanted. Ralph was such a great communicator leading up to the wedding. We had several meetings to discuss what we wanted for our wedding, which was extremely helpful. Ralph wanted to know every detail about us and the wedding day and was very thorough.

I especially recommend Ralph because he made the day run so smoothly. Because my fiancée and I didn’t want to do a first look, we had a very tight amount of time to get our pictures taken in. Ralph was so good at directing us, our bridal party, and our families so he could quickly get the perfect shots. We spent the 2 hours between the mass ending and the reception starting getting all of the photos we wanted. Ralph was so efficient that we didn’t miss 1 minute of our cocktail hour! Ralph is not only a great photographer, but a nice and fun person to work with. I feel like we got to know Ralph and he got to know us. It was so nice working with someone who made us feel so comfortable. And like I said, our pictures are absolutely gorgeous.
I’m so glad we had Ralph as our photographer to capture our day!"

-Grace Abbott

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