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I love working at Union Trust! The architecture and vibe is simply captivating and the staff always go above and beyond to make sure the atmosphere is stellar. My clients always love their experience here and become raving fans of this awesome Old City venue. Like the Ballroom at the Ben down the street, the location of Union Trust lends itself to an easy day/evening for your wedding with many hotels and beautiful photo locations just outside the door.

The Union Trust is a wedding venue in Philadelphia's Historic District. This beautiful structure, which initially operated as The Union Trust Company Bank, was built in 1888 and is an expression of rich Philadelphia history. Its massive architecture and excellent furnishings create a modern, trendy atmosphere for a memorable wedding event. The convenience of their in-house event coordination and expert catering services will take the worry out of the planning process and allow you to focus on your loved ones throughout the experience.

Union Trust has four indoor event venues that can hold up to 190 people. Its soaring 65-foot lit engraved ceilings, artistically accentuated walls, various private rooms, and a beautiful balcony overlooks the entire arena are all aspects of the event. Union Trust will leave your visitors amazed with its blend of old, royal Philadelphia and a fresh, dynamic atmosphere.

Other Services

Union Trust wedding couples can take advantage of several services, including event planning, setup, clean up, lighting and sound, a cake, and a bridal suite. The venue also provides chairs, tables, a dance floor, drapes, and lighting. The venue offers both food and alcohol. Its designated exclusive caterer is Finley Catering which has decades of experience in the wedding catering market and offers unique menus, delectable dishes, and unmatched service.


Venue Address

717 Chestnut St
Philadelphia, PA 19106


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Wedding Stories

The bride and groom stand side-by-side, their hands entwined as they smile at at each other. In the background, a grand building with glass windows provides a breathtaking setting for their photo.

Ballroom at the Ben Wedding | Marylin & Stephen

Marylin and Stephen's love journey began in the confines of a general chemistry class during their undergrad years in 2011. Stephen, being the supportive soul he is, helped his partner navigate through the challenges of lab work, yet remained silent about his feelings for four long years. After college, they parted ways to pursue their respective paths in grad school. ...

In a picturesque scene, the bride and groom strike a pose for the camera, with a steel gate providing a stunning backdrop.

Exquisite Union Trust Wedding | Nicole & Jae

Nicole and Jae's love story began at Delaware Law School in 2016. It was during their first year when fate brought them together after completing their Civil Procedure Midterm Exam. As they celebrated their accomplishment with drinks, Nicole was introduced to Jae through a mutual friend. Their connection was immediate, spending the night lost in conversation and laughter. From that ...

the newlyweds kissing while on an escalator

Wedding at The Crystal Tea Room | Ariel & Andrew

An unexpected encounter sparked the flames of love between Ariel and Andrew. Arielle was visiting her mother in Florida, engaging in an activity she hadn't imagined would lead her to the love of her life. A casual day of pickleball with her mother's friends brought forth a pivotal moment when Lisa, Andrew's mother, approached Arielle. "Are you single?" she asked, ...

Fall Wedding at Ballroom at the Ben | Briana and Nico

In 2018, destiny played its hand when Nico and Bri's lives intertwined at a bustling work conference. Little did they know that this seemingly ordinary encounter would mark the beginning of a remarkable love story. From that initial spark, it became evident that they were more than just two souls meeting - they were kindred spirits with a shared love ...

Exquisite Crystal Tea Room Wedding | Jenn and John

Jenn's life changed forever the day she met John. She was waitressing at a popular bar in Hoboken when he walked in, and she immediately noticed him. His charm, sense of humor, and intellect had her hooked from the start. John, on the other hand, was captivated by Jenn's beauty and her positive attitude towards life. As they got to ...

the newlyweds in their first dance as husband and wife

Elegant Wedding at the Crystal Tea Room |Bianca and Matt

Bianca and Matt's love story was one for the ages. From their high school days to their romantic proposal in Italy, their love grew stronger with every passing day. Their shared interests in dining out, luxury cars, and traveling around the world brought them closer together. But what made their relationship work was the fact that they were best friends ...

couple walking in the middle of the street

Michelle & Mike|Ballroom at the Ben Wedding

When you think of soulmates, it's hard not to imagine Mike and Michelle. They met at their jobs about a year before they started dating, but the universe had different plans for these two! As time went on, their friendship grew stronger than ever before- suddenly finding themselves in love with one another. Mike is a guy who will do ...

bride and groom walking next to an historic building before their Ballroom at the Ben Wedding in Philadelphia

Tiffany & Kyle|Ballroom at the Ben Wedding

Tiffany and Kyle's road to their Ballroom at the Ben wedding started on a summer Saturday afternoon at the Whitebrier in Avalon, NJ. The couple met at the popular Whitebrier Happy Hour.  As a result, they started dating after some back and forth moments during the following months. Kyle finally proposed to her on July 4th weekend at the beach. ...

Crystal Tea Room Wedding|Gabrielle & Dominick

Gabrielle and Dominic  had mutual friends and went to the same high school. They were connected in 2015 when they were both working in Philadelphia. He was in law school, and Gabrielle was finishing her degree in college. Dominic falls in love with Gabrielle because of her infectious, palpable and positive energy. He feels like it radiates out of her, ...

bride and groom holding hands while walking before their Crystal Tea Room Wedding

Deanna & Bobby | Crystal Tea Room Wedding

Deanna and Bobby's amazing Crystal Tea Room Wedding was the perfect way for this beautiful couple to cap off a relationship that started when they were in middle school. In fact, Deanna used to write "Mrs. Aquilino" on the back of her notebooks❤️ A big thank you to Deanna, Bobby and their families for trusting us to capture this amazing ...

bride and groom leaning in for a kiss

An Ellis Preserve Winter Wedding | Jen & Ryan

"There were three failed attempts that Jen sniffed out, so it had to be on a whim. They made reservations for Iron Hill in Media. Once parked, Ryan made up a story about a Thai restaurant in the courtyard off State Street. When they got there, he pulled out napkins with Jen's name signed with the "Henry" last name, and ...

Image of Bride and groom walking hand in hand during their winter wedding at the Ballroom at the Ben

Winter Wedding at Ballroom at the Ben

Rain is certainly never welcomed on a wedding day but of course it unfortunately happens. It was downpouring almost all day for Rebekah and Adam's winter wedding at Ballroom at the Ben. But thankfully the wedding gods knew what they were doing when they decided to let it rain that day. Rebekah and Adam weren't about to let the weather ...

bride and groom embracing before their Union YTrust Wedding

Vanessa & Andrew|Fall Wedding at Union Trust

It's no surprise that a women from South America loves to dance, especially Salsa. But a guy from Russia? "We meet back in 2015 the day before Thanksgiving at Cuba Libre while I was out with some friends" Vanessa told me before their Fall Wedding at Union Trust. "We talked for a little and asked me for my phone number. ...

bride and groom sitting on park bench before their Union Trust Ballroom wedding reception

Union Trust Ballroom Wedding|Kathleen & Joey

We arrived at Kathleen and Joey's Union Trust Ballroom Wedding via their initial meeting in Philadelphia: "We met at Center City Sips during happy hour at the Comcast building. Kathleen's friend (made of honor Amanda) approached Joey and his friends and asked if they were single. Then we all started talking and the rest is history!" They told me that ...

Union Trust Philadelphia Wedding |Nikki & Kevin

When you have a Union Trust Philadelphia wedding you're probably not going to be terrible interested in stopping by Milkboy on Chestnut Street for a photo op on your wedding day. That is unless you met at Milkboy and wanted to stop by to pay homage to the place where it all began for you! I love a couple like ...

long shot of bride and groom kissing

Center City Philadelphia Wedding|Jaime & Adam

Jaime and Adam had a plan in mind for their Center City Philadelphia Wedding at the Crystal Tea Room: Don't avoid the obvious! Since they were getting ready at The Loews Hotel (right around the corner from the Tea Room and across from City Hall) they told me that they just wanted to walk around the area and make all ...

Father of the bride escorting the bride down the aisle

Masonic Temple of Philadelphia Wedding

If you want to feel like a princess while walking down the aisle, look no further than having a Masonic Temple of Philadelphia wedding ceremony followed by a reception at the Crystal Tea Room! Santina and Bobby held their ceremony in Renaissance Hall which was constructed in 1891. This brilliant scarlet red room is decorated in the Italian Renaissance style ...

Beautiful Ballroom at the Ben Wedding | Ashley and Russ

Ashley and Russ had a wedding day that was all about family, friends and celebrating in style at several Philadelphia landmarks! From getting ready in familiar surroundings to iconic locations in Old City and City Hall, their beautiful Ballroom at the Ben wedding was full of history, joy and love! Getting Ready Ceremony Bride and Groom First Dance Reception Getting ...

Ben Franklin Ballroom Wedding |Christina and Chris

It seemed like years since I had seen Christina and Chris when we got together for their Ben Franklin Ballroom Wedding recently. It had been 10 months since we had met in Lewes Delaware for their engagement session and I was really looking forward to seeing them. We had a great evening on the beach that night followed by some ...

bride and groom posing in front of the Ballroom at Ellis Preserve

Ballroom at Ellis Preserve | Katie and Joe

We had our first of three visits this year to the beautiful Ballroom at Ellis Preserve recently for Katie and Joe's wedding day! I always look forward to working at any of Finley Catering's venues. The staff is always friendly, take great care of our couples and each venue has an interesting history! Getting ready for the girls took place ...

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