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The Switch House is Cescaphe's newest wedding venue that beckons couples with an irresistible blend of urban elegance. As you step into this historic enchanting venue, the original sandblasted walls sets the stage for a wedding steeped in timeless beauty.

Perched along the banks of the Delaware River, The Switch House emerges as a captivating Philadelphia waterfront wedding venue, offering unparalleled urban vistas that redefine the art of celebration. This industrial meets luxury event space seamlessly combines the rugged charm of industry with the opulence of contemporary design, creating an atmosphere that is as unique as your love story.

What sets this location apart is not just its distinctive charm but also the convenience it offers. Imagine the ease of transitioning from a heartwarming ceremony to a night of celebration without leaving the venue. The Switch House provides on-site accommodations, ensuring that your wedding day unfolds seamlessly.

As you step into The Switch House, you'll be greeted by the breathtaking backdrop of the Delaware River, painting a picturesque scene for your special day. The venue's stunning urban vistas provide an ever-changing panorama, ensuring that your wedding becomes a dynamic and unforgettable experience for you and your guests. The venue's rooftop pool stands as a crowning jewel, offering a touch of glamour and a panoramic view that elevates your wedding day celebration to new heights.

The Switch House is a hidden gem waiting to witness your love story come to life making it the perfect setting for the beginning of your happily ever after.

Venue Address

1325 Beach Street, Philadelphia, PA 19125


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Wedding Stories

bride and groom holding hands walking on city street with romantic lighting before thier Cescaphe Lucy wedding

The Lucy Wedding | Lucia and Ben

Lucia and Ben had been together for years, but the story of their love began long before they officially started dating. They attended the same high school, but their paths never crossed until after Lucia graduated. One fateful day, they were both at a party thrown by a mutual friend, Jenna. They hit it off right away, bonding over their ...

couple takes a pose before the wedding ceremony

Classic Center City Wedding at Cescaphe Ballroom |Mary Kate and Justin

Meet Mary Kate and Justin. Their shared interest in track and field has led them to a beautiful relationship. They met in December 2018 at a track and field coaching conference in Atlantic City. During that time, Justin was a collegiate track coach and MK was coaching at the high school level. They became acquainted through a mutual friend and ...

Wedding at Cescaphe|Kelly and Patrick

Kelly and Patrick became friends in high school. As a couple, they enjoy coming to the gym together as a couple. Kelly began accompanying him last winter and has grown to love it just as much as he has since high school. Aside from that, they are opposites in terms of other things. Patrick enjoys snowboarding in the winter. On ...

couple having a blast on the dance floor at Downtown Club by Cescaphe wedding

Downtown Club by Cescaphe |Jodi & Patrick

One fine St. Patrick's Day weekend, Jodi and Patrick's friends set them up on a blind date. The couple who introduced them ended up getting into a huge fight that night, so they had to spend the whole evening together. After that, they exchanged numbers and talked on the phone for a few weeks leading them to set up their ...

couple dancing during the reception party at the downtown club philly

Downtown Club Philly Wedding|Shana & Kyle

Who would have thought that on the very day when you realize you are being used, you meet someone you deserve?  After getting disappointed when Kyle found out that the girl he was seeing was only using him for drinks, he noticed another girl with such beautiful eyes. From that moment, he knew he wouldn't let the opportunity pass to ...

couple posing with the whole wedding entourage

Vie by Cescaphe Wedding|Gabrielle & Mike

Gabrielle and Mike met at a wedding on the dance floor. He was friends with the groom, as Michelle would be with the bride. He was just some guy on the dance floor dancing up to her while bobbing his head. They started talking and soon enough he asked her out on a date. Gabrielle fell in love with him ...

Cescaphe Philadelphia Wedding | Megan & Josh

Megan and Josh met through mutual friends in high school. They started to get to know each other more in college at Saint Joseph's University, where they would all hang out. Their story started when Megan needed a date for her formal and her friend suggested Josh. They had a fantastic time together and continued talking afterward! Josh's ability to ...

A Vie Micro Wedding| Alexandra & Clark

Despite the pandemic, this couple fought through obstacles for the perfect day! Ten years ago, Alexandra attended a semi-formal date party with Clark that lead to their greatest love story! Here are some favorites from their Vie micro wedding beautifully captured by Ralph Deal Photography. Getting Ready First Look Bride & Groom Wedding Party Ceremony First Dance Reception Getting Ready ...

Jess & Jon|Cescaphe Waterworks Wedding

Jess and Jon had an absolutely beautiful, scenic fall day for their Cescaphe Waterworks Wedding in October. Everything was planned to perfection with the getting ready, portrait and ceremony/reception locations all with a mile of each other! A big thank you to Jess and Jon for trusting us to capture this amazing time in their lives and for being such ...

bride and groom kiss after their cescaphe ballroom wedding ceremony

Cescaphe Ballroom Wedding|Melissa and Jared

I vividly remember the first time I spoke with Melissa as I was on vacation in Greece when she called. We spoke about her wedding at the Cescaphe Ballroom, her fiancé Jared, traveling, her career in law and how important her family was to her. She was super easy to talk to and had a very warm and friendly personality. ...

long shot of the couple in the garden

Beautiful summer wedding at Tendenza|Gabriella + Nick

Gabriella and Nick's beautiful summer wedding at Cescaphe's Tendenza was everything I knew it would be! From the moment we got together for their engagement session you could see how this couple was all about truly celebrating what they have in each other. We had such a great time that night and I was really looking forward to spending their ...

Waiman + Ronnie|Downtown Club Wedding

Waiman and Ronnie's Downtown Club wedding was a perfect mix of modern and traditional with a crazy party attached at the end! I loved that they got ready in their childhood homes with their families along side them. I also loved the traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony that occurred after their Christian ceremony. And then there were the dragons dancing during ...

Winter Wedding at the Downtown Club

You may think that a couple from Atlanta, Georgia wouldn't want a Winter Wedding at the Downtown Club in Philadelphia. You would also think that when the wedding day arrives and it's 20 degrees and snowing like crazy that they wouldn't want to go outside for pictures. Well, I can say that I was WAAAY wrong! When I called Allison ...

Waterworks Philadelphia Wedding|Fran & Zack

I met Fran and Zack at their friends Jenna and Eric's Union Trust wedding that I photographed and instantly clicked with both of them. They had let me know that they were recently engaged and that they would be in touch in the near future to chat about their wedding at Waterworks Philadelphia Wedding. Fast forward about a year and ...

Cescaphe Philadelphia Wedding

Winter weddings can be a huge cause for stress due to the fear of the unknown weather that can occur. Will it be cold? Windy and cold? Snow or rain? Will we need to shoot our portraits inside? Luckily for Courtney and John's Cescaphe Philadelphia Wedding it was just a typical cold winter day, nothing crazy and the wedding day ...

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"We could not have hired a better photographer for our wedding than Ralph. We have countless photos that we can use in our home and are thrilled to look back on to remember our wedding day. The day moves so quickly but Ralph did an incredible job capturing the moments throughout the day so we can re-live the emotions, setting, and all the love that filled the occasion. Ralph's process of getting to know my wife and I through the planning meetings and engagement session was more detailed and fun than expected. He wanted to get to know us. The level of effort that Ralph pours into his work mirrored the level of effort that we felt we were putting into the wedding day as a whole, which we were thrilled with. The post-wedding meeting is a great experience as well as Ralph allowed us to walk back through the day and choose the layout for our wedding album in-person in a theater-like setting. Working with Ralph to capture the irreplaceable moments on the most important day in our lives was the best choice we could have made!"

- Dan Bergvall

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