Philly Summer E-session | Jenna & Patrick

Summer in Philadelphia just got hotter with Jenna's and Patrick's Philly Summer e-session ! Before we dive into our favorite moments from their shoot, here is the epic love story!

The first time we met was on St. Patrick's Day 2016. I was out with my friend who was trying to meet up with a guy, that guy showed up and brought his friend, Pat. Pat asked me to pretend to flirt with him so another girl would leave him alone. That night Pat gave me his business card but I threw it away (for reasons I'll never know).

We ran into each other later that year in October, not remembering who the other was, at a bar on a Football Sunday. Our mutual friends knew each other from high school, and we hit it off right away. Later that night we went to a concert and he asked me for an official date later that week. I said he could take me to lunch instead of dinner. After lunch, we walked around Piedmont Park (where eventually Pat proposed 4.5 years later -- who's counting, lol), took a trip to the Halloween store, and have been together every day since.

We eventually figured out that we had met previously because our friend Jack recognized me from the first night we met. He was the guy trying to meet up with my friend. Wild!



philly summer e-session

Philly Summer E-session


philly summer e-session



philly summer e-session

philly summer e-session




philly summer e-session



philly summer e-session



philly summer e-session

philly summer e-session

philly summer e-session


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