We are a boutique studio that only takes in a limited number of weddings and portrait sessions each year, so that we can individually devote as much time as possible on creating great artwork from your special day for you. I work one on one with you to transform each moment into an extraordinary memory that will last a lifetime.

Our products are carefully sourced, from the finest albums to exquisite wall art pieces from some of the best manufacturers around. It gives me great joy when I hear that you immediately get a smile on your face when you wake up every morning to the gorgeous canvas print hanging on your bedroom wall, or that your guests are in awe of the beautifully crafted albums you share with them when they come over.

Contact me to schedule a meeting to see how we can work together to preserve your precious memories and create great artwork that you can cherish for years to come!

About Ralph Deal

I’m one of those people who knew what they wanted to do for a living pretty early on...and it wasn’t photography! I had fairly typical dreams as a boy i.e. football player, baseball player etc. but those faded in my early teens when music entered and changed my life.

This is where my creative journey began.

I received my first instrument (an electric bass) when I was 13 and locked myself in my bedroom for many, many months until I could play it. My parents never had to ask me to practice, quite the contrary! They would beg me to go outside and do something besides study and play music. That passion and discipline led me to the Berklee College of Music which prepared me for the next 15 years as a professional musician.

During that time, my wife and I started our family. We had three beautiful children (2 boys and a girl) and an important element of our relationship started to emerge…travel! My wife has taught me many things over the years and during our travels the most important among them was to focus on “making memories”. She made me realize that while the places we may go and visit are really cool and fun, it’s really about the memories that we’ll cherish as a couple/parents and that our kids will treasure long after we’ve left the planet.

Enter the best way to document those memories: a Camera!

Just like my first instrument, I was obsessed with the possibilities of a camera. I watched and read countless hours of “how to” videos and instructional books. I’d photograph anyone who was willing to be photographed (much to the dismay of my daughter!). I had no idea that I would fall in love with photography until I did! My passion for it was intense.

So, what started out as a way to document our travels and create photo albums that could become heirlooms for my kids and grandkids has blossomed into a wonderful business! The only difference is that now I’m capturing and preserving the important moments and memories of my clients lives!!

And along with Wedding Collections, I’ve added Lifestyle Family & Boudoir to my list of client services.

It’s truly inspiring and a gift to make an impact in people’s lives the way I do. I hope to be able to do the same for you!

One last thing. I like lists so here’s one that will help you get to know me a little better!

Ralph Deal - Photographer

Lives In
Southern New Jersey

Along With
Two Crazy Children (there was three but one has flown the coup)

And an
Amazing wife and travel partner (the same person, not two different people)

10 Things I like and find inspirational

  1. People who march to the beat of their own drum
  2. There are few things more inspirational than traveling to foreign places.
  3. I’m inspired by people who love what they do, take it seriously and do it well.
  4. Coffee and wine (Not necessarily in that order).
  5. The feeling a confident subject gives me
  6. Eating food in its country of origin
  7. Gratitude and people that show it
  8. A great piece of music and thinking about what the composer felt when he/she wrote it.
  9. Making memories with my family
  10. I don’t like photography….I LOVE Photography!!

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