Fun Winter Wedding|Jackie+Steve

When I first met with Jackie and Steve, Jackie made one thing perfectly clear. She wanted a fun winter wedding with a "It's A Wonderful Life" theme. As you may have guessed,  Jackie's favorite holiday is Christmas!

Side note: If you are planning a Winter Wedding, there are some challenges involved in order to have a stress free, successful day. I cover these topics in my Wedding Planning Guide which you can download here!

This wedding was the perfect way to wrap up a very busy 2017. Everything Jackie had envisioned about her wedding day became a reality. And not only were the bride and groom simply amazing but their families and bridal party were so nice, kind and knew how to celebrate. The reception was crazy amounts of fun and everyone had a great time!

Thank you to Jackie and Steve for making your wedding day so much fun for us!

Here are some of my favorites from their wedding day:

Getting Ready

Colorful Winter Wedding-Jackie+Steve-7

Colorful Winter Wedding-Jackie+Steve-2

Colorful Winter Wedding-Jackie+Steve-1

Colorful Winter Wedding-Jackie+Steve-9

Colorful Winter Wedding-Jackie+Steve-6

Colorful Winter Wedding-Jackie+Steve-50

Wedding Ceremony

Colorful Winter Wedding-Jackie+Steve-12

Colorful Winter Wedding-Jackie+Steve-11

Colorful Winter Wedding-Jackie+Steve-53

Colorful Winter Wedding-Jackie+Steve-52

Colorful Winter Wedding-Jackie+Steve-14

Colorful Winter Wedding-Jackie+Steve-17

I love the way the sun peeked through the clouds to shine on Jackie and Steve as they exited Christ The King Church!

Bride and Groom

Colorful Winter Wedding-Jackie+Steve-20

Colorful Winter Wedding-Jackie+Steve-29

Colorful Winter Wedding-Jackie+Steve-25

Colorful Winter Wedding-Jackie+Steve-22

Colorful Winter Wedding-Jackie+Steve-19

Colorful Winter Wedding-Jackie+Steve-26

Colorful Winter Wedding-Jackie+Steve-27

Colorful Winter Wedding-Jackie+Steve-23

Colorful Winter Wedding-Jackie+Steve-30

Jackie was hoping for some snow (not a lot!) a couple days before the wedding so we'd have a coating on the ground. She got her wish and a gorgeous sunset for our photos as well!

Colorful Winter Wedding-Jackie+Steve-32

Let's Talk About Your Wedding!

Each season has its own set of challenges when planning a wedding. Let's set up a consultation and talk about your dream wedding!!

Bridal Party

Colorful Winter Wedding-Jackie+Steve-10

Colorful Winter Wedding-Jackie+Steve-24

Colorful Winter Wedding-Jackie+Steve-31

Many thanks to the people who were driving down Haddon Avenue in Collingswood, NJ while we took this photo. Jackie wanted a shot of the bridal party under the Seasons Greetings sign and the people in their cars were so nice as we blocked traffic!

Wedding Reception

Colorful Winter Wedding-Jackie+Steve-36

Colorful Winter Wedding-Jackie+Steve-41

Colorful Winter Wedding-Jackie+Steve-33

Colorful Winter Wedding-Jackie+Steve-37

Colorful Winter Wedding-Jackie+Steve-39

Colorful Winter Wedding-Jackie+Steve-54

Colorful Winter Wedding-Jackie+Steve-34

Colorful Winter Wedding-Jackie+Steve-35

Colorful Winter Wedding-Jackie+Steve-38

Colorful Winter Wedding-Jackie+Steve-40

The reception was held at the Tavisock Country Club in Haddonfield, New Jersey. The ballroom was completely decked out with Christmas winter wonderland!

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