Center City Philly E-shoot|Jess and Evan

It has been eight years since Jess and Evan met at Penn State during their first year of college. They enjoy going to dinner in Philly, walking around the city and visiting the beach in the summer. 

They have a good sense of balance, which makes their relationship work well. Compared to Jess, Evan is more outgoing. Whether it's a new experience, something related to work, or even Jess' relationships with family and friends, Evan pushes Jess out of her comfort zone and challenges her. 

They have similar morals and like to discuss life's decisions and situations and help each other through them at length. Although they enjoy relaxing together, they have a lot of similar interests and enjoy spending time together!

The proposal:

The proposal took place on the beach in Margate, NJ. since it's the place where they love to spend summer weekends. As far as Jess knew, it was supposed to be a happy hour on the beach with friends before dinner. Upon arrival however, their friends were nowhere to be found. A cooler and two chairs were all that were there. Evan asked Jess what was in the cooler and when she looked, she found a note and champagne. Evan wrote her a beautiful message and then proposed! 

The proposal surprised Jess. She knew it would happen that summer but didn't realize it would be that weekend. Because they love the beach, the location was very significant for them. Their families also spend a lot of time there and they look forward to spending weekends there each summer in the future!

Here are some of my favorites from their Center City Philly e-shoot:

couple looking at the camera smiling in their center city philly e-shoot

backshot of the couple while in a park during their center city philly e-session

intimate moment between the couple during their center city philly e-session

couple looking at each other and smiling during their center philly e-session

Center City Philly E-shoot

couple taking a pose in front of a dark green gate during their center city e-session



couple poses on the side of the street for their center philly e-session

bride to be stand behind her partner during their center city e-shoot

These photos clearly show Jess and Evans are as friendly and easygoing as they appear. It was a lot of fun walking along the streets of Center City with them. Their wedding at the Rittenhouse Hotel is going to be amazing! Can't wait!

couple hugging each other along the street during their center philly e-shoot

couple hugging each other while woman looks up at the camera during their center philly e-shoot

couple taking a pose in front of a brick structure during their center philly e-session

a kissing couple during their center city philly e-session

couple walks along the street during their center city e-session


sunset shot of the couple during their center city e-session

Let's Talk About Your Wedding!

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-Alicia Shafer

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