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6 Tips For You Wedding Ceremony Music

In my experience, the best wedding ceremony music is always something that's not traditional and ties into the couples story. It's also your guests first impression of your wedding day so giving this part of your day some serious consideration is important as it will set the tone for the rest of your big day!

Here are some tips to consider for your Wedding Ceremony Music:

Dare to be different

There’s more to ceremony music than Pachelbel’s Canon. Hire a quartet or ask a pianist to play modern songs for a fun and interesting twist. That way you keep the instruments classic but the songs they are playing are fresh and completely unique arrangements.

The Six Moments You Need Wedding Ceremony Music For


The prelude music will play while guests are entering and taking their seats. This music aims to welcome the guests to your wedding, and sets the tone for the rest of the ceremony, so be sure to choose wisely.

Wedding Party Processional

The processional song is the wedding ceremony music that is played while the wedding party is walking down the aisle. Our rule of thumb here is to choose music that’s neither too fast nor too slow.

Bride’s Processional

After the wedding party has taken their places, there is a brief pause before the bride’s entrance. Traditionally, all of the guests stand up and a new song—typically one with a bit more drama—is performed. Y


While you don’t have to have interlude music during your ceremony, it may be necessary play music during a particular ritual or to transition from one portion of the ceremony to another. Interludes can also be a nice addition if you have a friend or relative with musical talent who you would like to perform during the ceremony.


You’re married, and it’s time to celebrate! The recessional song should be very upbeat and joyful to help lead guests into the celebration to follow.


Guests may linger for a bit after the proceedings ends, so you’ll want to have some wedding ceremony music lined up to be played after the recessional. The postlude songs should have a similar celebratory feel to your recessional song.

Create a musical theme

One way to create a seamless vibe is to pick your favorite singer, band or genre and play songs exclusively by them. For example, you might choose a Beatles themed ceremony with “In My Life” during seating. “Something” as you walk down the aisle and “All You Need Is Love” as you make your way back down.

Invite the musicians to the rehearsal

Make sure your musicians attend the ceremony rehearsal so that you can check for fit, placement, acoustics and get a feel for timing.

Don’t start the ceremony in silence

It’s easy to forget that big chunk of time before your entrance where your guests will be seated waiting for the ceremony to start. Be sure to book your ceremony music for at least 45 minutes before the processional.

3 musicians rehearsing wedding ceremony music before the wedding

violinist playing wedding reception music

cellist playing wedding recpetion music

Make note in the program

If you’ve chosen a song that holds special meaning for the two of you, explain it in the program.

Ask for references

You want to make sure the musicians you hire have plenty of experience and come with great reviews. There’s nothing worse than an off key instrumentalist during the brides entrance…believe me I’ve heard it and it’s not good!

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