10 Things to Do to Prepare for Your Boudoir Photo Shoot

The best way to rid yourself of nerves before an event that makes you anxious is to be totally prepared. If your boudoir photo shoot has you feeling a little intimidated, you can rest easy knowing your boudoir experience is going to be a fabulous one. Following just a few simple tips to prepare for your shoot will have you feeling glamorous and confident.

Here are 10 things to do to prepare for your boudoir session:

Do the Things That Make You Feel Pretty

In the week leading up to your appointment make sure you do all the things that make you feel the most confident about your appearance. If you like a fresh hair cut, a root touch up or an eyebrow wax be sure to schedule these things about a week before your photo shoot. This gives you time to adjust any inconsistencies or mistakes in your hair cut before the big day. If you're planning to have any other waxing done, make sure you do this several days before your shoot to eliminate any lingering redness.


Plan Your Wardrobe

Decide what you're going to wear at your shoot, but also what you will wear to your shoot. You'll want loose-fitting clothing to wear to your appointment, so you don't have any indentations from the elastic on your skin when it comes time for your photos. (This means AVOID wearing socks to your appointment!)

Pick things to wear for the photos that make you feel sexy. This doesn't necessarily mean you need all lingerie either. Think about how you feel in your favorite pair of jeans, your best bra, your highest heels. What makes you feel amazing?

Try out Your Accessories

Trying to wrap a string of pearls around your neck sexily for the first time can feel awkward and, even silly. Play around with what accessories you are planning to bring ahead of time to see how they feel in your hands and what you feel comfortable doing. Jewelry, shoes, hairpiece, and hats are all great ideas to test out.



Pack Your Bag

Get everything ready a few days before your appointment. This will help you to have time to remember everything you might have missed. Another good idea is to pack extra of everything. You'd had to arrive only to realize you had a run in your only pair of stockings.


Plenty of water in the days leading up to your shoot will leave your skin with a healthy, happy, glow. Try to avoid things that will dehydrate your skin like coffee and alcohol.


Moisturize your skin, get plenty of sleep and eat a healthy breakfast. Doing these things as part of your morning routine will make you feel ready to tackle anything, even your boudoir shoot.

Practice Hair and Makeup

Even though all of my Collections include professional hair and makeup for your session, you can certainly do your makeup yourself. Just make sure you practice ahead of time to get comfortable with the look you want to create. Remember these portraits are meant to be glamorous and striking, work on building drama and contour with your make up look.


Get Comfortable With Your Photographer

Communicate all your fears, anxieties, and hang-ups with me ahead of time. We'll schedule a call a week before your session to discuss everything. You'll let me know what kinds of images you like, what parts of your body you think are the most beautiful, and what types of poses you'd want to capture among other things. The more you communicate, the more comfortable you will feel and the better your images will turn out.

Treat Yourself for the Boudoir Session

Go ahead, buy that new piece of lingerie. These photo sessions are all about treating yourself. Splurge on buying the bigger album from your photographer, buy the fancy silk robe you've had your eye on, grab that bottle of champagne to ease your nerves. Whatever it is that you think will make this experience more fun for you, go ahead and do it. That is what boudoir is all about.


This will be fun. I promise. So take a deep breath, and know that you are beautiful!

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Everyone Deserves To FEEL Beautiful!!

I can't wait to speak with you about your Experience!

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