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This couple and their wedding reinforced the importance of what I do for a living.

I didn't need a reminder as I'm well aware of the emotional and historic value of what photographers do for their clients. But this was the first time I received a call from a bride asking if I was available on different date than the original because the wedding was going to need to moved up due to the failing health of her Mother.

I'll never forget that day and that moment. Becky was calm while explaining the situation but you could hear the pain in her voice. Thankfully I was available on the new date and it was one of the most emotionally draining days I've had as a photographer. I'm a father of three and seeing my children's wedding day is something that I took for granted until Becky's wedding. It's simply not a given.

To say it was humbling and a true honor to document this day and some of the final moments that Becky spent with her Mother is a massive understatement. I'm grateful that I was able to be there and capture these important moments for Becky and Jeff's ICONA Avalon NJ Wedding.

Getting Ready











Everything took place at the ICONA in Avalon NJ. Becky wanted to be sure to have her Mom join the bridesmaids during the getting ready session. So happy that she did!

First Look




A Message from the Bride

There really are no words that will do Ralph and his team justice, but I will try.

It's true that talent is required to take beautiful pictures and Ralph has talent. I will talk about his photography skills in just a minute, but first I want to talk about the man behind the camera. Ralph is one of those people who you meet and instantly there's a connection. He is warm, his smile is contagious and he is just a laid back, super fun person to be around. I hate getting my picture taken (I still do) but with Ralph there was no pressure. He made us laugh and the entire experience was enjoyable.

We knew after our engagement photos we picked the right person. We were all scheduled for our November wedding when we got hit with some news that made us hastily move up our date. I called Ralph and he was flexible and accommodating and sensitive to our situation. It was never about him or his service it was about us and what he could do to help us and make our day as perfect as every wedding day could be.

On the day of our wedding Ralph not only accommodated us, but my family also. He had too many people asking him to take certain pictures that they wanted. How he managed to keep my guests happy - while not compromising anything we wanted is beyond me. He is patient and he is kind. We received our pictures back in record time.

The presentation of our album and our proofs was amazing. We weren't hanging out with our photographer we were hanging out with an old friend. The way he displayed the proofs and our online album for us to review was unexpected and so special. From our first meeting, to our engagement session to the wedding and the review plus the follow ups to check to see how we are doing - Ralph has spent hours with us. He is an amazing person to be around and time goes by so fast. He has never rushed a conversation or a meeting.

He is professional and candid and funny as hell. Our pictures speak for themselves. Take a look at his gallery. His work is amazing and it's the work of bridal magazines. He gave us a gift. Not only do we have beautiful images of our wedding, but we have fun pictures of the party that ensued and I have the last moments with my mom. We cannot thank Ralph enough for all that he did to make our wedding memorable. Ralph really should be your first and only call.

With Ralph, it's the experience not just photos. You gain an extension of your family”.

Bride and Groom








We found some nice locations to make some images that weren't far from the ICONA Avalon included an awesome jetty a couple miles away!

ICONA Avalon NJ Wedding Ceremony






A really nice advantage to having a wedding reception at the ICONA Avalon is that you can also have a beach wedding ceremony right on the premises!

ICONA Avalon NJ Wedding Reception

newlyweds are kissing during their ICONA Avalon NJ Wedding





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