Engagement Session Approximate Start Times


We love shooting at gorgeous locations. We recommend two locations max for engagements. A general rule of thumb is the more locations and outfits, the less images, but the more variety you’ll have!

Sunrise Sessions

We can do sunrise sessions if necessary! We require sunrise shoots for those who want to take portraits in a very crowded location like Times Square.


We love to travel to our shoots! However, if we have never been to your desired location, we may need some advice on where to park!

We photograph engagement sessions on weekday evenings, Monday through Thursday because our weekends are dedicated to photographing weddings. For the list of approximate start times for engagement sessions, see below. We've categories the general times by season.



Apr-May - Varies

The sunset time drastically changes throughout the course of these two months and so our shooting times change as well. You can plan on approximately 5:30-7:30 in April and 6:00-8:00 in May.

couple having fun in the waves during their beach engagement photoshoot


Jun-Aug 6:30-8:30pm

Summer engagements, just like all engagements, take place two hours before sunset. This will hopefully mean that the shoot will be during the cooler part of the day.



Sept-Nov - Varies

The sunset time changes drastically during these three months. In Sept, you can plan on 5:30-7:30 until the third week and then you can plan on 5:00-7:00 until Mid- Oct. After the first week of Nov, 3:00-5:00pm.

couple intimate shot with background effects


Dec-Mar 3-5pm

During December through Mid-March you can plan on your engagement session taking place around 3-5pm. However, the time changes in Mid-March and so that will make the start time one hour later.

Let's Talk About Your Engagement Session!

There are a lot of variables when it comes to planning your engagement session. Let us help you figure out the best locations and timing for your session!

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