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Capturing You With Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle Photography is a term that is popping up everywhere in the photography industry these days. But what is it? What sets it apart from regular family photography? Lifestyle Photography is just as it sounds: it captures you and your family living your life at this moment.

There is so much beauty in life's little moments that people often overlook. Indeed, sometimes they can't see because they are too close to it. In a Lifestyle shoot, I will capture photographs of you and your family in your most real, natural state. After all, sometimes it just takes an outside perspective, or picture, in this case, to show you how beautiful your life is.

Any Moment Can Be Captured

So, what moments or events can you use Lifestyle Photography for? The truth is, any of them! Lifestyle Photography is great for capturing the little moments you never want to forget about your child. It gives you a snapshot of your child, their life, and personality, at that moment. this way you can hold on to it forever. Stopping time isn't an option, but having a photograph of a particular moment in time is pretty close!

Newborn Photography

Lifestyle photography naturally lends itself to newborn photography. Aside from the fact that new parents don't love the idea of taking their new baby out into the world right away, a Lifestyle session will let you capture the little things about new baby life that you will want to remember. Whether it's how the baby's nursery was set up, changing a diaper, or snuggling in a rocking chair, Lifestyle Photography will capture those moments in a creative, beautiful way.

Family Photos

Lifestyle Photography is also great for family photos. Who really wants another photo studio posed portrait to put on the mantel? Wouldn't you love to have images that capture the beauty of your everyday life?

Whether that is walking the dog, cooking dinner, or playing on the living room floor, we capture those moments. It also works really well for pictures with extended family. Invite me to your next family reunion or barbeque lunch and I will capture those blink-of-eye moments that you may have otherwise missed.

Learn More About Lifestyle Photography

If you are tired of the basic posed family photograph or want images that really capture the authenticity of your life, contact me to schedule your consultation!

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