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Women find it WAY too easy to find imperfections with themselves. And the sad thing is that most of the time no one notices those “imperfections” but them. I’ve noticed it with my wife for years. No matter how great she looks it’s hard for her to be completely satisfied.

I think women should celebrate their bodies in every state of their existence. But how? Do you go out shopping, get a sexy new dress and that pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing up and then go out and show it off? Sure, and while you’ll certainly enjoy yourself and have a nice memory of the evening, wouldn’t it be more worthwhile to have something you can look back on? Something like a beautiful collection of photos documenting your beautiful body in a tasteful, yet sexy way?

Boudoir photos are the perfect way to celebrate you, your body, your beauty, your self-confidence, and your personal growth. Whether you want to document a personal milestone, like a marriage, pregnancy, or fitness goal; or if you want to document your body as it is in this moment, boudoir photos will make you feel beautiful inside and out.

And boudoir doesn’t have to be risqué and only for your significant other. Boudoir shoots can be tasteful, elegant, and a treat for you and you only. What better way to celebrate yourself than having a photo shoot with you as the sole focus, feeling and looking your best each and every year?

Ask yourself – when is the last time you celebrated and felt good about your body? If you can’t say you’ve celebrated yourself this year, it’s time for a boudoir shoot.

Let me show you just how amazing you really are!

*These photos are used with permission from my clients. I care about you and your privacy and no images will be used without your written consent.


1. SHOULD I BE NERVOUS? We know you may be getting nervous, but don’t worry because, even though we’re pros at this, we get a little nervous ourselves! It’s really just all the excitement to show you a wonderful time— starting with a little mimosa or champagne and some sweets to help calm your nerves. It’s going to be fun!

2. WHAT SHOULD I EXPECT WHEN I ARRIVE? When you arrive at your scheduled session time, you will be greeted by me personally or my assistant Gina. We will hand you off to our onsite professional hair and makeup artist to start your beauty consultation and finalize your desired look. Don’t worry about bringing your own makeup supply because she will have everything you would possibly need, including the best sexy false eyelashes! But, please be sure your eyebrows are tweezed and take care of any other unwanted hair. (I don’t Photoshop it.) I will provide some music in the background (or you are welcome to bring your own playlist) while you are getting pampered on hair and makeup, sipping on champagne/mimosa, and nibbling on fresh fruit that we will provide so consider it a mini spa day and just relax and enjoy it!

3. CAN I BRING A FRIEND OR MY BOYFRIEND? Yes, because this is your own private boudoir photo shoot with me then you are more than welcome to bring your best girl friend or your boyfriend/husband to be your cheerleader. They are welcome to some champagne, too! 😉

4. COULD YOU BLOW-DRY MY HAIR? Your hair needs to be completely dry upon arrival and, preferably, from the previous day is best especially with left-in hair products. And your face should be washed of all makeup except for moisturizer, if your skin is on the dry side. Important: Please wear something loose for your time in the makeup chair, ie. track suit with a zip front, something that you can easily remove without messing up your finished hair and makeup.

5. WHAT SHOULD I WEAR? WHAT DO YOU SUGGEST? Think beyond the typical lingerie; Boudoir Photography isn’t just lingerie! If it makes you feel pretty and sensual, then it’s the perfect piece even if it’s just a tee-shirt and boy shorts that you’d wear lounging around on a lazy Sunday morning. But avoid thick fabric because it just adds weight on you; always go for thin and transparent fabric.

6. WHEN CAN I EXPECT TO SEE MY IMAGES? Typically, I will have your edited images ready within 14 days. I will present your images to you at my office or via Zoom with me (if you are not local). You buy whatever you like using the studio credit that's included in your Collection. Once you've spent the credit, you can purchase more but you’re in control of how much you want to spend. Every print you buy (or is in your book) includes the digital copy of that image so you can show off your stunning hair and makeup with friends on Facebook!

7. DO I NEED TO BUY NEW OUTFITS? Although shopping is fun, using some of your favorite items that you already have can make you feel even sexier – like a button-down shirt, your favorite t-shirt or a cardigan with cute underwear and killer shoes. Or a strategically-placed scarf or tie with your favorite jeans. With boudoir, sometimes less is more. Fancy lingerie is fun but you don’t have to spend a lot of money on a new wardrobe for your shoot. Think of things that are sexy and subtle.

8. DO YOU USE PHOTOSHOP ON THESE IMAGES? Yes, for all final print orders I do full edits before they get printed in your photo album, canvas wrap or portfolio print. I will retouch any stretch mark or other blemish, unwanted scar or flyaway hair, wrinkles, etc.

9. WILL MY IMAGES BE SHARED ONLINE? In my photo contract with my clients, I state that I won’t share any of their images without their written permission. I respect your privacy 100% and would never break the trust you’ve bestowed on me. What you see online of women I have photographed are clients who have modeled for a specific shoot. And some images are from the client’s actual photo session, which they have granted me full permission to share.

10. WHAT IF I AM RUNNING LATE … CAN I RESCHEDULE MY SHOOT? Yes, you can but there is a $250 reschedule fee. We will wait for you up to 30 minutes before being forced to reschedule you for another date. I realize circumstances beyond one’s control can prevent you from making it to your photo session on time, but you must understand that missing your session affects the makeup artist’s time and income as well as my own. Hence, the reschedule fee.



You'll need to make the first move by contacting me.  We'll talk about why you want to do a boudoir shoot, what you envision for your boudoir photos, pricing & Collections and I'll answer any questions you may have.  Then we'll talk about our availability & select a shoot date.  Once you are officially booked, I'll send you a very detailed digital guide that covers what to wear, tips for looking great in your photos and will give you a few "homework assignments" and a questionnaire so I can get to know you and your style better. Together we brainstorm the ideal formula for your shoot: the location, what to wear, the vibe you are going for, and your ultimate vision for products.

A few days before your shoot, I'll touch base with you to confirm the details and check on you, so by the day of your shoot, you've already received so much information from me that there really isn't anything left to wonder about. You know how long we'll be together, how many outfits we'll be photographing you in, how long hair and makeup takes, and that I'll be giving you guidance along the way.


Yessss, the day has finally arrived! Because we've spent time talking and planning, you'll be comfortable and confident upon arrival. We'll look through the wardrobe options you brought and then I'll introduce you to my hair & makeup artists. They'll already know the concept of your shoot and the look we are going for, so this is your time to relax and get pampered. She'll enhance your features and makes you look even more stunning than you already are, in a natural way that still looks like YOU! Meanwhile, my assistant Gina and will be putting together each of your looks. We'll talk, we'll laugh and we'll get to know each other some more!


The boudoir photo reveal is so much fun!! We'll have a beverage & some treats together while we're reviewing your images in my presentation room. I'll start by showing you a slideshow of my 20 or so faves, then we'll go back and look at your full gallery. There are usually between 40 - 60 to choose from, all of which have been edited by me, so you will be seeing & selecting the actual images that will be in your album/wall art. I'll help you chose the perfect selection of images for whatever way you want display your photos. I will have samples of different albums, cover styles and wall art for you to see & touch in person. These are high quality, fine art quality products. You'll walk away from your photo reveal on Cloud 9!


Creating artwork is what it's all about. With me the full amount spent on your Collection comes back to you in a studio credit which can be used towards albums, prints and wall art during your Guided Art Experience.


  • • 1 hour session
  • • 1-2 outfit choices
  • • Professional hair & makeup
  • • Champagne
  • • Location
  • • Female Assistant
  • • Pre-shoot consultation
  • • $750 studio credit
    (Used towards wall art, albums and prints during your Guided Art Experience.)



  • • 1 hour session
  • • 2-3 outfit choices
  • • Professional hair & makeup
  • • Champagne
  • • Location
  • • Female Assistant
  • • Pre-shoot consultation
  • • $1,100 studio credit
    (Used towards wall art, albums and prints during your Guided Art Experience.)



  • • 2 hour session
  • • 3-4 outfit choices
  • • Professional hair & makeup
  • • Champagne
  • • Location
  • • Female Assistant
  • • Pre-shoot consultation
  • • $1,600 studio credit
    (Used towards wall art, albums and prints during your Guided Art Experience.)




Starting at $400


4x6 - $40
5x7 -  $60
8x10 - $80


Starting at $820

All purchased images come with a digital file
50% deposit required to book, remainder is due at time of the session.


Join My Women Only VIP Group!

Join my VIP Boudoir Photography Group on Facebook. It's for women only...Here's the link:

This group is an intimate & exclusive women only group for past, present, and potential future clients of Ralph Deal Boudoir & Glamour Photography.

My goal is to encourage body positivity, self love, supporting your fellow ladies and learning to love yourself a little more. If you’ve already done a photo shoot, are about to do a shoot, or are just considering a shoot with me, this is the place for you! Members will get to see sneak peeks of what's going on behind the scenes as well as news first of any promos and preference for session giveaways.

Feel free to invite your girlfriends to join the group. Nothing is a bigger compliment than your referral! Your comments or images will never be shared outside of this group without your consent. This is a group for encouragement and positivity and I want EVERYONE to feel comfortable!

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