Best Wedding Favor Ideas

As a photographer, I have had the honor of attending hundreds of weddings. I am always amazed at the exquisite details that go into each event to make it unique. The personality of the bride and groom is evident in their choice of flowers and decorations. I have seen wedding favors that range from really cool DIY to over-the-top luxurious items. Here are a few of the best wedding favor ideas that guests are sure to love:

Hand painted kitchen towels

Select a favorite quote that reflects your love for one another. Hire an artist to hand paint the message on a flour sack kitchen towel. Include your names and the wedding date.

Cocktail Kits

Create a signature drink and have it available at the bar during the reception. Assemble the required ingredients into a small bag, box, or mason jar. Include a travel size liquor bottle and a recipe card. Guests will enjoy this unique treat and may have a new favorite cocktail. This may be my  top 1 among the best wedding favor ideas!


Deck of Playing Cards

Many online printing companies offer one-of-a-kind playing cards. Be creative in your design, using your favorite photo. This wedding favor is not only useful but a great keepsake for years to come.

Personalized Candy Bars or Mint Tins

Candy is always appreciated after a long night of celebrating. Attach a personalized label to your favorite treat. Satisfy the sweet tooth of all your guests.

Scented Candles

The possibilities are endless for this simple yet elegant wedding favor. Select your favorite color and scent. Apply a personalized label to the candle that includes your names and wedding date.

colored scented candles as one of the best wedding favor ideas

Fortune Cookies with Inspirational Messages

Order colored fortune cookies and using tweezers carefully remove the message inside. Replace it with your own inspirational quote or message.

Small Potted Plants

This is one of the best wedding favor ideas that doubles as a colorful table decoration. Select several of your favorite flowers and plant them in small ceramic containers. Attach a label to the planter that has a personalized message, such as "Let Love Grow" or "Rooted in Love".

potted plants as one of the best wedding favor ideas

Macaroons Wrapped in Cellophane

These double layered cookies come in lots of tasty colors and flavors. Wrap two or three in cellophane and attach a personalized message on a tag or label.

Wedding Mix Tape

Who doesn't love a good mixtape? Make a playlist of your favorite romantic love songs. Burn some CD's and make a personalized cover that includes the wedding date. Guests will be reminded of your love for one another when they listen to these songs.

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